Rent a car in Cebu, Toyota Wigo from 1499 pesos in Cebu city

Rent Toyota wigo in Cebu

Should you rent a car in Cebu or rent a motorbike in Cebu

If you are solo traveler, you can rent a scooter this will save you the cost of gas and time on travel, but if you are 2 people then you must rent a small car. Toyota Wigo is the best car which will save you on gas costs. It will cost you almost the same as Gasoline if you rent a 150cc motorbike. Toyota Wigo is a small 5-seater car which can be enjoyed full for city ride and for long-distance. If you plan to visit south of Cebu. This small car is perfect for a South ride and a North Cebu ride.

How much Toyota Wigo car monthly rent cost in Cebu?

Wigo monthly car rental can be low as 800 Pesos a day if you rent for month. Remmber you must have Car driving license in order to rent a car in the Philippines. You can use your driving license category B. If you Book a car through Book2wheel website the car can be delivered to your hotel and on the Mactan airport.

How to rent a car in Mactan Airprot?

Airport car rental is expensive. The car you can rent out side the airport, will cost you times 3. The best way to rent a car from the Mactan airport is that, you book your car online through and ask the owner to deliver the car at the airport. The owner will charge you the delivery fee which will be around 500 to 600 Pesos. Small cars rental start from 30 $ and goes up to 40 $ for 24 hours. 7 seater SUV car rental starts from 70$ and goes up to 120$. You can also use Book2wheel Promo code to lower the rental rates.

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