Join the book2wheel affiliate program and earn money

How to register car on Book2wheel

What is book2wheel?

Book2wheel is a motorcycle car-sharing service. we connect motorbikes and car owners to renters. Book2wheel is currently present in the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and many other countries. Book2wheel has recently launched an affiliate marketing program, which means now you can promote book2wheel on your blog, Facebook groups, and Instagram and earn extra income.

How does the book2wheel affiliate program work?

Once you join the Book2wheel affiliate program, Book2wheel provides you a discount code. This discount is up to 20 percent on online payment. If you have a large following, your followers can get discounts on a motorbike and car rentals. While your followers enjoy a 20 percent discount, you earn 20 percent earnings from book2wheel earnings. You can ask for a discount that can be customized with your name or your brand.

Here you can view all the marketing and promotional materials that you can download. (Book2wheel marketing assets)

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