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Before you get going…

We are happy that you’re considering to list a bike, motorbike and/or scooter on Book2wheel. 

We are happy that you’re considering to list a bike, motorbike and/or scooter on Book2wheel.

To begin with, we want to make sure you have good understanding of our services. If you own a bike/motorbike or motorbike rental business, Book2wheel is great for bike owners with any fleet size. Book2wheel is for everyone who believes in sharing economy, that is why is free to list your bike with Book2wheel.

If you want to make a good business and earn money with Book2wheel, please reflect on the following:

What does Book2wheel do for you?

We understand the importance of time, and believe that business should operate any time of the day. When you are asleep, we are awake and make sure your business is running. We also understand that not everyone has a smart phone and can afford Internet. We still bring you customer from all over the world and make sure they reach your location.

How does customer reach you  without having Internet and smart phone?

Once customer makes an online booking reservation, B2W sends you notification through email and SMS. If we do not get response on time, we call you and get confirmation from you. We know that in some parts of the world, it is expensive to put credit on phone that is why once you confirm us to proceed with the reservation, we do the hard part in contacting the renter through phone, SMS and email. Not only that, we make sure that the customer reaches you. In case of finding your location, we guide them over the phone.

How will B2W communicate with you?

Calling and texting is expensive in some countries and we understand that. For that reason, we use all source of social network, which fits you the best. For example, Philippines’ Facebook is free. As such, we add you as our friend and reach you on Facebook. Another example, some people use free Viber and/or WhatsApp, which we can also use to reach you.

How do B2W do marketing for your bike?

– Who will be your target customers? Make sure you have a good understanding of your target customer, whether student from the university, tourists, regular visitors, or even business users.

– How will you reach out to them? Book2wheel takes care of your business and customer. Our team makes sure that your bikes are displayed on the search engine. We get close contact to you and advise you strategies to grow your business. We provide you online videos to learn how to share content on your social media, advise you with competitive pricing, and add new service to your business.

Revenue Split

The revenue is divided between B2W and the Bike Owners. Bike Owners receive 80 percent of the revenue. B2W receive the 20 percent share.

24 hours is equal to one day. Example: If customer has rented a bike for 1 day for 500 PHP, we will split the revenue: 400 to the owner of bike and 100 to B2W.

If you are looking to start a business, give us a shot! Anybody who has bicycle and motorbike can join Book2wheel. B2w’s crew will guide you and support you throughout all the implementation stages. Just drop us an email with the subject line ‘I want to list a bike on  B2W’ at .

Feeling confident to list your bike?

Click here List your bike 

What happens after you list your bike?

By filling out this short form (5 steps), you will be registered into Book2wheel. Once we have the information, we will do verification check through phone or possible visit your location (in the Philippines). We require you to send us one valid ID picture, and picture/s of your motorbike/s. Once we make sure everything is good, we will put your bike online. If you have any question of listing your bike, reach us on

After verification, we will make your bike live and people can make online booking reservation. This is how your bike will be displayed.

  1. You will receive an E-mail (example is below) where you can see the renter’s name, phone number, email address, price, motorbike’s name, and model with total number of days and price.

 list your bike on

2nd step: You can now contact directly to the renter through e-mail or phone.. You can also send us SMS or e-mail stating: “Yes, the motorbike is available on the following dates”.

3rd step: Renter picks up the bike from your location and pays you with the agreed rental amount.

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