Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

For Renter:

  1. Where can i pick up the motorbike?

    You will pick up the motorbike/bike from the motorbike owner location/business address. Book2wheel does not own the bike. We connect you with owner of the bike and rental business. You will receive pick up location and phone number once owner confirms the availability of the bike.

  2. Where is Book2wheel’s office location?

    To reduce our expenses, Book2wheel has set up a virtual office. We do not have physical office.

  3. How can I contact Book2wheel?

    You can contact us through Email (admin@book2wheel.com) Viber and whatsapp +4550336186 or write us on our facebook page (facebook.com/book2wheel/).

  4. What are the requirements to rent a bike?

    Each motorbike owner has different requirements. You should read requirements before booking the bike. It is under the picture of the bike. Note that you must have a valid motorbike license and passport with you when renting the motorbike/bike.

  5. Is driving license required to ride a motorbike in the Philippines?

    Yes, it is. Thus, you are required to have a valid driving license with you.

  6. Is Book2wheel liable for damages claim?

    Book2wheel is not liable for any damages claim, such as lost of ID/Passport, if owner of the bike does not allow you to rent bike, you missed your flight or boat, lost of business’ earning, lost of hotel booking, stolen bike, accident and broken bike. We only provide you information. Make your own satisfaction before renting bike.

  7. What are the things I (renter) should check before renting motorbike?

    First, check the motorbike if it is in good running condition. If you have valid driving license, you must know what are the things to check before riding a motorbike. Check registration of the bike if it is updated. Do not accept bike if it does not have an updated registration. If owner is asking for your passport as deposit, check where is he going to store your passport. Take a picture of the owner’s ID or the owner himself/herself, or take a picture of the owner when you give them your passport.

  8. Does motorbike have private insurance?

    You should ask this question to the owner of the bike when you pick up the bike. Also read under the bike’s information on our website before making a booking reservation. All bikes in the Philippines has Third party Insurance. This only covers few damages which is occurred to third party. If you hit a car or if you hit someone this might cover small amount. Rules are not clear about insurance in the Philippines, so consider you have no insurance when you are on the road to protect yourself and others.

  9. Do I get a helmet when I rent a bike?

    Yes all bikes come with helmet. You should drive with helmet in the Philippines.

  10. What is minimal rental period?

    24 hours is equal to one day. If you rent for 3 hours or 4, it will be charged as one day.

  11. What happens if I return the bike late?

    Ask this question once you pick up the bike to the owner. Each motorbike rental shop has different rules. They might allow you with a few couple of hours extension or charge you for next whole day.

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