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The Book2Wheel story

Furqan Rathore, founder of book2wheel, who was studying Marketing and Management in Denmark took a break from his education and moved to the Philippines for a year in 2014.  During his first month stay in the Philippines, he visited a charity organization (Rise above foundation), which he was first introduced in 2011. On this occasion, he met more than 50 interns from Denmark. As he went along in having a conversation with them, he discovered that they are looking for a 5-month transportation solution.

Furqan had one motorbike at the moment and offered a rental proposal. 2 girls accepted the offer and through word of mouth, news about Furqan’s rental proposal started to spread. He quickly added more motorcycles in the fleet but it was not enough for the growing demand, so he asked his friend and other motorcycle rental shops if they want to have their motorcycle rented and make some extra money. All of them agreed, then he got this idea to make a website which connects people who wish to share their vehicle and people who like to hire 2 wheel transportation. That’s how he started book2wheel.com.


Book2Wheel is an online booking website for renting/Sharing motorbikes. In simple words its Airbnb for bikes and motorbikes or anything else that has wheels. Get the freedom of your own 2 wheels without the hassle.

Our mission

We connect you with trustworthy rental businesses and provide you with excellent customer service. We provide the best communication and service between the supplier and the customer.

We create trust and protect both parties.

Book2wheel danish entrepreneurship award


Book2wheel OÜ is registered in Estonia (Registry code 14344789) and the business address is Narva mnt 5 Tallinn Harjumaa 10117.

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