Rent motorcycle in Quito Ecuador 2022 guide

Rent motorcycle Quito

Rent motorcycle in Quito Ecuador 2022 guide

If you are a motorcycle lover you must visit Ecuador because you will really test your riding skills. Now let us guide you with some of the most important information before you rent a motorcycle in Ecuador. First thing first, Motorcycle driving license. If you wish to ride a motorcycle in Ecuador you must have a valid motorcycle driving license. To ride a big or small scooter you must have a motorcycle driving license category A. If you like to read more about how to transfer your local driving license to Ecuador you can read more here (Read here).

In simple words, you can use your local driving license and international driving license for 90 days after your arrival in Ecuador. It is a good idea to have an international motorcycle driving license. Do not make the mistake of having a car driving license, you can not use that even if you can drive a 45cc scooter in Europe. This is not the case in other parts of the world. Since most rental shops outside Europe do not have 50cc scooters, you must require a motorcycle driving license.

Rent motorcycle in Quito Ecuador 2020 guide.

What type of motorcycle to rent in Quito Ecuador?

This is a very important question one must really understand before renting a motorcycle in Ecuador. Motorcycles are built and made based on their engine size. Engine size or the power of the engine is most important. It also provides comfort over long distances. In order to have the best experience, you must use a dual-sport motorcycle. Dual sport motorcycles can be used for riding cities and off-road. If you rent a 125cc scooter you will hurt your back on the long ride since their suspension is built for short rides. To enjoy your ride and travel with the comfort you should rent a 400cc motorcycle with not so big engine and not so small. Perfect for long-distance and city drives.

Rent Royal Enfield Himalaya 410 cc  Quito Ecuador

Why to rent Royal Enfield Himalayan in Ecuador

Let’s start with Engine size, it has a 410cc engine which is perfect to give you push and power when you are off-road and on the road. When you are riding in countries like Ecuador you go through all types of trains. You need quick acceleration and quick stopping. Royal Enfield Himalayan long front suspension will give you comfort in any time off-road train. The motorcycle is fully protected with safeguards. You can carry extra fuel tanks and water tanks with you. Not only that, you have extra fights on the motorcycle which give you a perfect view at night. The bike does not have any complicated sensor or electricity, if you get any problem any roadside mechanic should be able to help you.

This motorcycle also comes with side boxes and bags plus the top box. When you rent, you must ask for side boxes and a top box. you can fit everything on it. Do not carry bags on your shoulders, this will give you pain. The front shield will protect you from dust and flies in your eyes.

Where do you rent motorcycles in Quito Ecuador?

You can find most motorcycle rental shops on google or you can use Book2wheel motorcycle search engine to locate motorcycle rental near you. Book2wheel allows local people to list their motorcycles and rent them out to earn extra income. So you can find rental companies and private owners who are sharing their motorcycles. If you are a Royal Enfield fan then you can rent one just by clicking on the Book Now button.

Royal Enfield Himalayan BS3 

Rent motorcycle Quito

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Royal Enfield Himalayan BS6 2022

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