Rent motorcycle Bali Indonesia-kuta utara

Rent motorcycle Bali, Rent BMW motorcycle Bali

If you are coming as a solo traveler in Bali then renting a motorcycle is the best choice, but if you are coming with your family and kids then it is best to rent a car since it is easy, safe, and reliable when you are traveling with your family. 

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Most people who are going to stay for the long term in Bali for example for 1 year to 6 months actually rent a motorcycle and car. To avoid traffic and for short trip people use motorcycles or scooters on Bali Island. The question is what is the price to rent a motorcycle and car on Bali Island. Well, this all depends on your budget. You can rent a scooter in Bali low as 5 $ a day. When you rent for the long term you get big discounts. 

Long term cheap motorcycle car rental in Bali 

When it comes to car rental at Bali prices start from 20 to 25$ a day. Of course, you get big discounts on long-term car rental in Bali. First, ask the daily price then weekly, and ask for the monthly price. If you want to have an idea for price matching you can visit and compare the prices. 

Motorcycle car insurance in Bali Indonesia 

Most car and motorcycle owners do not have insurance on the motorcycle or car. If you are going to rent for the long term ask the owner to obtain comprehensive insurance. The comprehensive motorcycle insurance mostly covers 1 year period which can be only bought by my actual owner. You can offer the owner that you would pay the cost of insurance. The insurance does not cost much and can provide your theft protection own damage in Bali Indonesia. 

How to search for motorcycle rental companies in Indonesia?

You should search for the location where you are going to stay. Bali is big and this is what confuses people. Look at your hotel or hostel destination before booking an online motorbike rental. Once you have the location where you are going to stay then you make a booking.

Do not send money in advance since there are many scammers  

To avoid scams you can rent through Book2heel or if you find a rental company from which you want to rent. Ask them to upload their motorbike or car on Book2wheel and then make a payment using the book2wheel cloud payment system. The Book2wheel booking system holds the payment until your booking is done. This way if something happened between you and the renter you can get a refund back. 

Driving license rules in Bali Indonesia?

Before arrival gets an international driving license which says you can drive a motorcycle. In Europe, you can drive a 50 cc scooter on a car driving license. In Asia rules are different. Make sure it is listed on your driving license you can drive a motorcycle. 

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