How to register your motorbike and car on

How to register car on Book2wheel

Before we provide you with guidelines it is important for you to know Book2wheel is software for sharing motorcycles and cars. You must follow your country’s laws and rules for borrowing your vehicles.

You can rent out your vehicle with or without a driver. Before you upload your vehicle on book2wheel look at other owners listing and pricing.

Step 1: Visit and click on the list of your motorbike /car

How to rent out vehicle using book2wheel

Step 2: Fill out your details and make a login

You can make an account using Email, Phone number, or Facebook

Step 3: Select the type of Vehicle and click the next button at the bottom of the page

How to register car on Book2wheel

Step 4: Fill out your vehicle details

Uploading car on book2wheel
Enter your vehicle information and click next at the end of the page

Step 5: Upload an actual picture of your vehicle, Do not upload pictures from the internet

You can upload 5 pictures, make sure to use clear pictures
You must have CTPL insurance in order to drive the vehicle

Write the details of insurance, what type of insurance you have for the vehicle, and what will cover the cost of damage on the motorbike. Set up your terms, for example, driving license, ID, and cash refundable deposit. 

Step 6: Enter the price. If you provide self-drive and with drive, Entre the driver fee in accessories/Extra

It is your choice to set the price
You can give a discount for long term and short term discounts
set up minimum rental days, (tip) keep it 1 day as your Minimum rental you will get many bookings

If you offer a vehicle with the driver then set your terms and condition according to that.

Step 7: Enter your location where the borrower will pick up the vehicle

Step 8: Final step read all the terms and click on upload

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4 Thoughts to “How to register your motorbike and car on”

    1. You can make login to the website and upload your car and motorbike online. Use your email or phone number to make a login. All the process is online

  1. Elmer Echague

    May Toyota vios Ako model 2022 pano ko I register?

    1. sir make login and then click on add car, Follow the online steps. The process is online to register your car on

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