Renting a Motorcycle in the Philippines with Book2Wheel

In times like this, it is a good thing that there is a reliable motorcycle rental service like Book2Wheel that allows you to choose different types of motorcycles and scooters that fit your preferences and needs. As long as you have a valid driving license then you’re good to go on two wheels!

Renting a Motorcycle in Cebu with Book2Wheel

From ride-hailing companies to motorcycle rental service, traffic enforcers and police have been clamping down on drivers with those having back riders. As a result, there is a huge opportunity for motorcycle rentals to pick up the slack from delivering food to providing alternative transportation to people.

Choosing Motorcycles for Grocery Delivery Services

As the coronavirus pandemic prompted a lot of people to stay home and ride hailing services seriously affected by it, there is one sector that might save it during this uncertain period – delivery services.

Rent a vehicle in Talisay, Cebu

Talisay is a city located in the province of Cebu and part of Metro Cebu. It has a population of 227,645 people. The name of the city comes from the magtalisay trees that are common in the area. Talisay was founded in 1648 and in1849 it was converted into a municipality. It’s a good idea to rent a vehicle in Talisay, since the traffic in Metro Cebu can be overwhelming. Renting a car or motorbike from the local owners will help you visit all the interesting places you want to…

Rent a motorbike in Pasig city with full insurance

Rent scooter in Naga city Philippines

Pasig City is a big town of 755,300 people located nearby Manila. Formerly known as a small settlement, it became an important residential and industrial place over time. Pasig city is nowadays a financial hub and has several churches Step One: please visit or click here.Step Two: Click on the navigation bar where it says “Try entering city name ex, Manila”. You will be directed to a search page where you can see motorbikes from different owners. When you click on the location Icon, you can see the motorbike pick-up location. Now…

Rent a motorbike in Subic, Philippines

Subic is a town in the province of Zambales. Located along Subic Bay, the municipality is known for its tourism industry. The zone promotes ecotourism through guided treks and jungle survival tours. In Subic you can visit theme parks, do diving spots (wreck diving), sailing, extreme water sports, and adventure parks. There’s also a lot of outlets and duty free shops for people who like sales 🙂 And, of course, you can rent a motorbike in Subic with Book2wheel! Rent a Kawasaki Versys 650 for you and your friends just…

New adventure ahead – Singapore and Cebu


Let me introduce myself, my name is Simona and I´m about to travel the Philippines together with my boyfriend Sven. Our first stop after leaving Denmark was Singapore. There we spent our first 5 vacation days. Afterwards we are moving to Philippines for around 3 months. We want to travel around and see the most amazing places we can! We are starting from Cebu city where we are taking some time to get used to everything especially to hot weather 😀 Singapore was very beautiful but also freaking expensive. We…

Top 5 best tourist attractions in Bohol

Discover top 5 best places in the Bohol Island, Philippines with a short guideline introduced by Book2Wheel, motorbike/motorcycle sharing/rental online portal.

Do you want to work with Book2wheel?

Hello everyone, if you are looking for a job in the Philippines, well, this is the right post. Book2wheel is expanding its business, working not only with scooters and motorbikes but also with cars. That’s why we would like to get ambassadors in order to improve our brand image, awareness, and visibility. Specifically, we are looking for: models, bikers, runners and influencer. Models Models, both guys and girls, who are available to work in a group, sharing their experience in order to sponsor our merchandising all over the most important…