Press release is an online website for Renting and Sharing bikes. It is a website where you can list your bike for free and earn money. In simple words, you can say it is an Airbnb for bikes.


An international student from Portugal, Madalina, a friend of Furqan Rathore, asked  if he can help her to find a bike for 2 weeks. To accommodate his friend, he said yes and started searching for her a bike. During that same period, Furqan was staying at his friend’s place named Pernille who was about to travel Canada for 2 weeks. He asked Pernille if Madalina can use her bike while she is away. Pernille said yes to Madalina and shared her bike for 2 weeks.

That is how Furqan got an idea to why not make a website for every one where people can share their bikes with other people. Next day, he organized a team and built a website:

Note: is design for Danish Entrepreneurship awards and future idea competitions in Denmark.


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