2022 motorcycle, car rental guide for Bali Indonesia

Rent Royal Enfield in bali

You need to know where are you going to stay in Bali because that would make your life easy to find a motorcycle rental near you in Bali. Bali has an international airport and all the hot spots, hotels, restaurants are nearby.

Distance between bali international airport and north kuta

Ngurah Rai International Airport to North Kuta is about 13 km, Most resorts and restaurants are located eighter in North Kuta or Kuta.
The international airport is located 4.4 Km from Kuta. The resort and hotel provide pick-up service for their guests since the airport is close by.

How far is Bali airport from Kuta
Bali airport to Kuta distance

If you Book in advance using the Book2wheel website you can have your motorcycle or car delivered to you at the airport. The scooter rental starts from 9 $ dollars and goes up to 21 dollars. It all depends on what type of scooter you wish you rent. You can find different owners and rental shops near you using Book2wheel. You can also get a discount and promo code.

Bali scooter motorcycle rental

The driving license rules when renting a motorcycle in Bali?

It is best to get an international driving license. The local police will ask you for your local and international driving license. Do not make mistake using a car driving license when driving a motorcycle. You can use a full-face helmet that helps a lot to avoid unwanted troubles. You can read more about the driving license rules here.

How to search scooter rental in Bahasa langue

The keyword for rent a scooter is Sewa skuter

How to buy travel insurance before visiting Bali as foreigner which also provide cost coverage against Covid 19

Safety wings provide insurance for travelers which also include unexpected costs against Covid 19. To insurance cover 135 countries. To buy click here or image the link below

Travel insurance for Philippines and Indonesia
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