How to rent a motorcycle and car in Ho Chi Minh City

Scooter car rental Ho Chi Minh

Motorcycle Driving license rules in Vietnam?

Vietnam does recognize the International Driving Permit from the convention of 1968 only. However, the traffic police require an official translation. If you come under a tourist visa, kindly make a notarized translation to Vietnamese for the police to accept your international permit.
If you come under a business or longer period visa, you are required to convert your license into a Vietnamese one. For this, you need a local residence even if temporary and valid documents (passport, visa, and foreign license

How much is the cost to rent a motorcycle in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam?

Dialy motorcycle rental starts from 9$ in Ho Chi Minh, but if you rent for a month the price goes down to half. If you are visiting Ho Chi Minh it is best you rent for a month. Monthly rates are quite low.

If you plan to do the Ho Chi Minh trail, it is best you rent a touring motorcycle. Most rental shops offers drop off motorbikes in a different locations. This way you can take a one-way trip and exit from Vietnam

How to Book online motorcycle rental and car rental in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam?

You can rent motorcycle using website service in Vietnam. Book2wheel is motorcycle sharing service. On this website you can find all the local rental shops and private owner. Help local people by renting their motorcycle. You can use this discount Code 0495160B93

Rent motorcycle in Ho Chi Minh
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