Motorbike rental in Antipolo city? – Rent from Quezon or Manila!

Motorbike rental in Antipolo city? - Rent from Quezon or Manila!

Antipolo City

Motorbike rental for Antipolo city cruise? Renting a motorbike with Book2wheel from Quezon or Manila is a way to go to have an adventurous experience! Antipolo can be also called “Pilgrimage Capital” of the Philippines! The population is 700 000 and still growing. Visiting Antipolo while traveling in the Philippines should be your.. Antipolo city is the 7th largest city in the Philippines, don’t miss out on a chance to visit this beautiful place with full of history and the possibility of stunning landmark views.

About us:

Book2wheel is providing a safe service for people traveling in the Philippines. We are a third party that provides a connection between a renter and an owner of the motorbike or a car. This way, we connect you with trustworthy owners and we do it as fast as possible. Having satisfied customers is our priority, because of that we try to be always available when handling customer’s requests.

Motorbike rental from Quezon or Manila to Antipolo city:

Honda XR 150CC Quezon

Honda XR 150CC

Honda XR 150CC Quezon

Honda XR 150CC

Harley Davidson Manila

Harley Davidson FatBoy, Paranaque city Area Manual

Honda CB 400cc Manila

Honda CB 400cc Brat tracker. Paranaque city Area Manual

What to do in Antipolo?

Visit the Pinto Art Museum

Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo


Are you an adventurous but still artsy type of the person? Visiting the Pinto Art Museum is a fulfilling experience. The art enriches our soul because of that we should seek out more inspiring activities. Visiting an art museum in the country that you live or are traveling around will definitely bring you closer to the culture and more understanding.

How to get there?

Motorbike rental is a way to go! How long is it going to take from Manila on a motorbike? Well, probably about an hour. Is Quezon closer? Yes, a little. But is it worth it to come and visit? Either way, it is an enriching experience that you DO NOT want to miss out on.



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