Start-up intern experience in a hygge place, Denmark!

Start-up intern experience in a hygge place, Denmark!



Hello everyone! My name is Marzia and I am a student at Roma Tre University majoring in Economics and Business Management.

I am about to share my internship experience at Book2wheel and how I have planned my internship and my entire stay abroad. Moreover, I will share some of the things that I have dealt with before and during my trip to provide you and insight of the Danish lifestyle.


I travelled with the Erasmus + Traineeship program for four months in the city of Odense.

My choice has matured from pleasure to do a training period abroad and after months of preparation and information about the various possibilities, I came to the best option for me, in terms of time and opportunity.

I consulted the page, from which I found the internship offer.

I carried out a plan, with priorities and deadlines, in order to respect my program: I finished my last exams, I graduated and at the end I was free of commitments and ready to leave.

At the beginning I tried different internship proposals, trying to combine my interest for a specific country and a job offer. I have applied my preferences, in particular to the Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian countries. I was fascinated by Denmark and I decided to investigate further. After various emails, assignments and skype interviews, here is what I was looking for.

It’s been three months since my arrival here in Denmark. I remember the weeks, the moments and the feelings before my imminent trip.

I decided to buy my one-way ticket departing on the last day of February, one week after my graduation.

I still remember that day: the Rome airport, the snow and after two and a half hours of flight, my arrival in Copenhagen, with -5 degrees of welcome in Denmark.


I was informed about the weather in Scandinavian countries and the northern temperatures, but it was not enough to fully understand the reality.

The first week was the most rigid that I remember. The days passed during dry cold and dark grey sky.

I was surprised by the snow that hit me up every morning.

The weather is quite changeable and unless the weather is constantly monitored, it is not possible to predict how the following hours can change.

Luckily, the spring has arrived with sunny days, the temperatures rose and the mood also improved.

With good weather it is also fine to visit the city and it makes more sense to consider the bicycle as the only option to travel with.


Regarding the various trips it must be said that once arrived at the Danish capital, I took the train to the famous native town of Hans Christian Andersen. The ticket can be purchased in advance on or directly at the airport from a machine. After an hour and a half of journey you will arrive to the third biggest city, Odense.

There are different options to choose from: “Standard”, “Young”, “Over 65” or for those who have the opportunity to plan their train journey in advance, the “Orange” ticket at lower prices and set times.

I have a beautiful memory of the train station of Copenhagen, walking through it made me realise how authentic and ancient was the building is. I was amazed by the exposed bricks and domed vaults and its wood beams teak.


While travelling, it is inevitable to meet people and talk to foreigners, there are questions that constantly resonate … How long have you been travelling? How long have you been here? Where will you go and what will you do next? Or where do you come from? I admit that most of the time I asked them back, It’s a way to interact, improve the language and meet new people, now I’m just curious to chat with people, to share experiences and deepen new relationships and exchange cultures.

Having an experience abroad is definitely one of the things to include in the personal “to do list”, either for study, work or vacation. My goal is to improve the level of English here in Denmark, it is considered the second language besides the mother tongue, so everyone speaks it.

At the beginning is a bit difficult, especially if you have not practiced it for a while, but slowly it gets better and at the end of this path you will surely return with a “baggage”, and not only material, enriched.

Following the second part of my article, where you can read more about my internship and the city :

Startup intern experience in a hygge place, Denmark! II


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