Stigo electric scooter- Go green go on Stigo

Stigo elect scooter
“Go green go on Stigo” is a new slogan for electric scooters. Big cities are getting crowded day by day. Pollution and theft are becoming the two major problems for the metro cities. Stigo, an Estonian company, has introduced their electric scooter which has provided a solution for both problems.
Stigo electric scooter is a rechargeable and a foldable scooter. Now after using the scooter, you can fold the scooter and carry the scooter with you anywhere. No need to worry about your scooter being parked outside and getting stolen.
The design and style of the scooter are truly a modern innovation. Stigo scooter slim size can fit in small spaces. Stigo is becoming a people choice who truly believe in innovation and support the idea of go green.
You can carry the Stigo with you on a bus, a train or a car. The Stigo electric scooter weights 14.1kg, it goes up to 25km and travels up to 40 Km in one charge. It only takes two seconds to fold and unfold.

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