Saving money while traveling, 3 tips and more

Traveling takes up a lot of time, sadly, also a lot of money. Here are some tips on saving money.

And that is usually a good thing. If that time is spend on traveling at least. As a great general once said “You spend twice as much time preparing a fight, as fighting itself”. Sun Tzu – Art of War

This, sadly, is the same for traveling.


You spend a lot of time preparing for the big day. Working, planning, informing everybody you know and dreaming about the day you leave. Most of the time is spent working, at least for most people.

Just like me, I had to spend one year of working hard and heavy. Saving every penny I could for my trip. Don’t get me wrong it is all more than worth it.

Every euro in my bank account is something for me to spend while I am away. Of Course I want to make the most of every moment I have. This is where money saving becomes a weird thing.


On the one hand you want to last as long as possible, meaning you spend as little money as possible. On the other hand you want to enjoy yourself, which means spending some bigger amounts of money sometimes (think of things like payed activities and better beds/food).


Below here I will give out some tips for maximizing your savings while also being able to enjoy your trip.


Saving tip 1:

Don’t go on paid trips. Instead you can save money by going alone (or with the people you meet). Saving money by bus, train and explore will go a long way.


Below you see a little video of me and my friends, a little adventure we had in the forest. This costs us 10 euro’s each, instead of 40 euro’s for a paid trip. Saving 30 euro’s each or 120 euro in total.

Video: Johathan Reyer – instagram

Saving tip 2:

Don’t spend a lot of money on food. Stop eating out every day, instead save money by staying in and cook food yourself. The more people that join in on a meal the less expensive the meal becomes.

Saving money while cooking dinner with new friends. This pasta sauce costs us 2 euro, good for 4 servings.

Saving tip 3:

Combine moving from place to place with a place to sleep. If you have the opportunity to travel overnight, do it. It might not be the best night of your life but consider this scenario.

The bus at 09:00 arrives around 22:00 at its destination and costs 25 euros.

The bus from 15:00 arrives around 9:00 at its destination the next day and costs 35 euros.

Bus 1 will cost you more money in the end.

You still need to grab a hostel for the night in situation 1. On bus 2 that is not needed because you will sleep on the bus saving you money.

*Extra tip*

Saving money can only go so far. Before you leave home, make sure you have enough money in your bank account. Make sure you can enjoy yourself, don’t worry about money too much.

The point of traveling is to enjoy.


So don’t forget to enjoy


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