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In this article, you can find the answer about comprehensive motorbike insurance. If you still have more questions feel free to leave a comment below in the comment section.

How can I buy comprehensive insurance in the Philippines?

Fill up the form and an agent will send you the quotation, you make a deposit on the bank account. Your policy will be sent to your email address and home address.

Which insurance company book2wheel is connected with and where is their office?

The insurance policy is provided through the standard insurance company. Book2wheel is connected with the Philinsure company which handles the customer and provide them all the assistance they need. Both companies have the physical office in Cebu and Manila.

What if I don’t live in Manila or Cebu does insurance compy will provide me assistance? 

Yes can buy the insurance anywhere in the Philippines, you can pay online and buy the insurance policy. The insurance company will cover you and provide you assistance in different cities.

Is motorcycle insurance compulsory?

Yes- Every motorbike in the Philippines need to register by LTO.

Does it cover the third party also?

Yes – Bodily Injury and Property Damage toward Third Party with Php 100,000.00 coverage limit.

In case I have an accident and someone gets hurt or dies or somebody´s property gets damaged.?

In the Proposal Below, Php 100,000.00 was the limit we offered for Bodily Injury and Property Damage to somebody’s property but we can still increase the coverage up to Php 250,000.00 with the corresponding premium.

I understand that I can set an amount that covers theft 

The amount of theft is the amount of Own Damage/ Theft and Acts Of God cover which insurance company will base through the fair market value of the unit/ or the purchase price if the unit is brand new.

But how much will the insurance cover in case of damage on the Motorbike?

The insurance will cover depend on the repair estimate and also in case of total loss they will pay base on OD/T/AOG value stated in the policy

I also understand that I can set an amount that covers personal damage for the motorbike owner 

Our program has a free extension for Unnamed Personal (1) Driver and (1) Passenger

I also understand that I can set an amount that covers excess body injury, but in the sample, the amount is set to only 200.000. Isn’t that a bit too small 

The 200,000 pesos is cover is tariff amount provided by the Insurance Commission, the highest tariff amount for Bodily Injury and Property damage is at 250,000, insurance company cannot offer more than 250K as they will be penalized by IC

And what if I set up a standard insurance for my renters, and they want to “adjust” the amounts if they want a better coverage. 

The amount of insurance for motor car is base on the FMV for the value and for the third party liability the amount is provided by IC,

How do I actually sell the insurance to the individual renter? Will I be provided with a standard contract?

insurance policies are good for 1 year, we cannot issue insurance coverage for a short period yet

How do I calculate my “retail” prices for the insurance service

The prices is base on the FMV and tariff provided by IC

Is there a “Selvrisiko” involved in the insurances that you offer

The deductible for Own Damage and Acts of God is 500.00 each and every loss for Theft is 5% of the unit value each and every loss.

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