Rent a scooter in Boracay

Looking for a scooter in Boracay? Check out our offer in this wonderful city. First, watch the short video about how to rent process:   Motorbikes available for renting in Boracay   Yamaha Aerox 155cc (blue) 2.Yamaha Aeorc 155cc (black) 3. Honda CRF 250cc Book2Wheel is an online motorbike sharing portal which lets you rent motorbikes from local Filipino owners. Go to and check out what we have!  

Sailing in Boracay Island – What to do in Boracay Island

Activities to do in Boracay: Snorkeling A must-do when in Boracay is to take a sailing trip on the traditional paraw sailboat. The paraw is unique to the Visayas, it relies purely on the wind and there is no better feeling than sailing through the aquamarine waters of Boracay while feeling the cool ocean breeze against your face. The crew generally consist of the boat captain as well as 1-2 “balancers” to keep the boat balanced to ensure smooth sailing. Passengers sit on the netting of the outriggers. The boat…