Sailing in Boracay Island – What to do in Boracay Island

Activities to do in Boracay: Snorkeling

A must-do when in Boracay is to take a sailing trip on the traditional paraw sailboat. The paraw is unique to the Visayas, it relies purely on the wind and there is no better feeling than sailing through the aquamarine waters of Boracay while feeling the cool ocean breeze against your face. The crew generally consist of the boat captain as well as 1-2 “balancers” to keep the boat balanced to ensure smooth sailing. Passengers sit on the netting of the outriggers. The boat captain or agency will cater for you personally on how you want to spend your day, you can island-hop to the beautiful surrounding islands while you sip on ice-cold beers and have a delicious barbecue of local foods prepared for you, find private snorkelling spots or a sunset sail while experiencing the famous Boracay sunset while relaxing on the sailboat. 

Boracay Sailing and snorkeling
Always happy days sailing with friends!

You do not necessarily have to book sailing in advance, there are so many tours and travel agencies lined on the beach so if you suddenly decide sailing sounds like the way you want to spend your day (as no plan really is the best plan!), you are able to approach a boat captain and book there and then. 

Local barbeque picnic, prepared on Carabao island

A highly recommended sailing trip would be through the Red Pirates pub, located just past Station 3 in Angol. Captain Joey and his friendly crew of pirates will take you on a memorable trip, whether it be exploring the surrounding islands and white pristine beaches where you are able to explore the beaches and snorkel in the crystal clear ocean or an adventure trip to Nabaoy river, a more off the beaten track experience, a short trek through the jungle will lead you to the pirate garden on the banks of the river where you can meet the locals, explore the area, cliff jump or simply relax and enjoy nature at its finest. After your day spent in the jungle, you will then be able to enjoy a sunset sail back to the island. Sailing generally costs P800 per hour – P1500 depending on the adventure you choose. A visit to Boracay is not complete until you experience sailing!

Red Pirates paraw sailboat
Red Pirates paraw sailboat

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