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Book2wheel winner of Danish entrepreneurship award

Book2wheel is a website that allows vehicle owners and rental companies to rent out their motorbikes. The idea kicked off after winning the 2016 Danish entrepreneurship award in Denmark. Book2wheel became the first idea of motorbike sharing service in 2016. The Philippines was among the first countries where the idea was tested. Motorbikes are the basic mode of transportation in the Philippines and it has more than 7100 islands.

The motorcycle sharing service idea became popular in the Philippines and book2wheel grew from 1 city to 72 cities and islands in a short time. The average person in the Philippines earns about 9 $ a day. When local people in the Philippines realized that they can earn an extra 10$ a day just by renting out their motorcycles, Book2wheel had huge growth in the registration of motorbikes on the website. From 2017 to 2019 more than 1000 motorcycles were listed on the website and 10,000 bookings were made by people from 52 countries. 

 In 2019 Book2wheel also opened a car-sharing service. People who owned the motorbike also started to share their cars using book2wheel car-sharing service. Book2wheel has opened its service to other countries. Now motorcycle sharing service is also available in Indonesia, Pakistan, India, China, and soon it will be available in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Germany. 

Should people be part of the motorcycle sharing service?

The covid-19 pandemic has changed the world. We need to think not for ourselves or our country but the entire universe. If by sharing your motorcycle you contribute to the recycling model then you should do that. Any concept which minimizes waste we should look into. By sharing motorcycles we contribute to the sharing economy which leads to creating wealth for individuals. This might be difficult for the corporate industry but they should take this idea not as competition but as collaboration. 

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