Traveling to Barcelona during Covid-19

Travel Spain during Covid-19

If you are thinking about traveling to Barcelona from Denmark this blog post will help you with the details you need to know. The very first thing you need to do is to check your airline’s requirements regarding Covid-19 test.

After one year of lockdown we decided to visit our family in Spain and we were so lucky to find a direct flight from Copenhagen to Barcelona operated by SAS airline. Due to Covid-19 it is advisable to book a direct flight otherwise you will also have to deal with the requirements of the countries where you have the layoffs. In July, SAS airline required a Covid-19 test taken within the last 72 hours. If the Airline companies do not comply with Covid guidelines they will get a huge fine.

Spain’s requirements for Covid-19 are always changing. That is why you should check them on their official website. We did our Covid test 24 hours before the departure just to be sure. Moreover, with SAS airlines, if you have your Covid test you can do an online check-in. The only thing you need to upload is your Covid-19 test Pdf.

Before our flight we had to download a Spanish app and enter all our details. The app is called but you can also use the website. Once you add your flight information it will give you a barcode that you will have to show at the airport.

The flight and the controls went fine and then we finally arrived at Barcelona airport where we showed our barcode and they let us out. Everything went smoothly.

In order to go back to Denmark we got tested in a local Covid center where we paid 40 Euro for each test. When we finally arrived at the check-in counter they did not check our Covid test. The person who was there explained to us that Danish residents do not need to show the test. This requirement changes all the time, that is why it is highly advisable to check your airline’s guidelines. Moreover you can even contact Copenhagen airport, they are always ready to help. 

My advice would be to take a Covid test in advance or simply take it at the airport. It is possible to book an online appointment in Barcelona too. On arrival, you will be asked to take the Covid test at the airport which is free.

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