Motorcycle rental guide Cebu-2021

Yamaha N max rent in Cebu

Let’s start with motorcycle driving rules in Cebu. In order to ride a moped, scooter, or motorcycle in Cebu you need a valid motorcycle license. If you are a foreigner make sure to get an international motorcycle driving license before you arrive in Cebu. These rules not only apply to Cebu city but as well all over the Philippines. You can not drive a motorcycle on a Car license in the Philippines. To make things easy for the reader 1 $ equals 50 pesos.

Top 3 scooters and motorcycles which you can rent in Cebu city-2021

Honda ADV 150CC daily rental price 400 pesos 9$ in Cebu city

Honda ADV 150CC is the latest model on the Honda motorcycle. The rental price of that motorcycle starts from 400 pesos in Cebu and goes up to 1500 pesos. Due to covid-19 since there are not so many tourists the price of motorcycle rental in Cebu has gone down. If you are a tall guy rent this scooter this is perfect for a long ride. With Honda, ADV 150cc enjoy scooter rental Cebu

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Yamaha N max 155CC daily rental price 400 pesos 9$ in Cebu city

Yamaha N max 2019 model is currently rented out in Cebu city for 400 to 600 pesos a day. between 9 $ to 12 $. The latest Model of 2021 Yamaha N max is being rented out in Cebu from 700 pesos to 1200 pesos. Now as a customer if you are on a low budget you can rent the old model but if you have a budget you can rent the latest version.

Yamaha N max 155cc 2021 model

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Yamaha Aerox 155cc Daily rental price 650 Pesos

Yamaha Aerox 155cc and Yamaha N max 155cc share the same engine. The difference is the design of how you set and ride the scooter. Both scooters are perfect to rent in Cebu city. If you plan to rent a scooter in Cebu use one of them. Both engines are full of power and can bring you anywhere from a normal road to a mountain. The 2019 model scooter rental price is between 650 to 750pesos and the 2021 Yamaha Aerox rental price is between 850 pesos to 1200 pesos.

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