Things You Should Know Before Your Next Motorcycle Rental in the Philippines

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Things You Should Know Before Your Next Motorcycle Rental

Are you thinking of renting a motorbike? You might want it for your next vacation to some far-off region, or for testing your hands on your next potential purchase. No matter what the reason is, motorbike rental is one of the effective ways for trying new rides or adding motorbike riding thrill to your road trips. However the renting process can be a little bit tricky, you must check certain aspects before hiring one, it will avoid all types of inconvenience.

There are various motorbike rental companies in the United States- both big and small scale, but the process of all of them is almost similar. Do not skip checking the company’s reputation in the market. It helps with assuring the condition of the product and services provided by the rental company as well. 

In the article, we have gathered all the major aspects that should be considered for renting your next motorbike.

Before we get into that though it is obvious but still important to mention if you have a 2-wheeler license, if not, get one before renting a bike. Some rental companies might not ask about it. But it’s against the law to ride a vehicle without a license.

Factors to consider for Your Motorcycle Rental

What type of riding experience do you already have?

Motorbike rental is indeed a good way of experiencing a new motorbike outside or within the gender, you are used to off, but you have to be smart with the process. If you have only put your hands on a lightweight displacement motorcycle in your riding career, hiring the track-ready 200 plus horsepower bike or the 1,000-pound hunk of solid Iron isn’t the right idea, especially if you are planning to head to a destination you have never been before.

No matter which machine you are hiring. we suggest you take a few miles for getting acquainted with it. Get familiar with power delivery, brake sensation, & feel all the handling features that differ from what you used to ride.

Where will you be riding?

It is perhaps one of the most important questions you should ask yourself before renting a bike. Where you are heading makes a big difference in the selection of your rental ride. The availability of so many fantastic choices in the market gives plenty of options to choose your ride from. So the deciding factor here is your purpose. Do you need a bike for everyday use or you want it for long road trips. Keep in mind that one size never fits all. Renting an everyday bike, for long road trips might not be the right thing. Once you are aware of the purpose you need your bike for, you can figure out what ride will work best for it.

If you are heading for a mountain adventure or rough terrain, choosing a sturdy bike would be the best bet. Investing in expensive bikes for daily uses doesn’t make a lot of sense. You can always get whatever motorbike you want on rent when needed.

What will be the weather like?

Never forget to check on the weather of the route and destination where you are planning to ride. It’s the most obvious thing everyone practices before hitting the road. Especially if you are going on the tracks you aren’t familiar with. It affects the bike choice. So, if you are planning to go somewhere with inclement weather or a chilly region, hiring a bike with wind protection & heated grips can be a good option. Climatic conditions also determine you’re riding gear, some rental companies also rent motorbike rain gear and other equipment you can get them to or use your own. 

Motorbike Luggage

If you are renting a bike for a tour, check what motorcycle luggage comes with it. It doesn’t create a big difference if you’re hiring the bike for the sake of riding experience but on your distance tours, luggage does play a great role in accommodating your essentials. Packing your clothes, gears, and other stuff in a bag and securing it to the bike makes your ride way more comfortable. So if you are renting it for distance touring you will essentially require panniers, make sure your bike comes with it.

Consider entire cost

A day rental, depending upon which motorbike you rent, might not be extra expensive, but a couple of days or more than that can cost much. Generally, a motorbike’s rental rate depends on the running cost of the bike such as the depreciation, tire consumption, servicing intervals & spare parts pricing. We suggest you call the company beforehand to confirm it has everything you are looking for. Ask whatever your queries are. Check if there’s any discount going on.

Compare like-for-like such as motorbike model, mileage allowance, equipment, insurance, breakdown cover & additional services like delivery & opening hours for picking up & return. Calculate all the add-ons. A lot of rental companies ask before renting. Do not forget the other obvious factors, such as gas, maintenance, tolls, parking fees, etc. You can get the gas price estimated before hitting the road to avoid any kind of surprise.

The question you should ask a rental service before hiring their bike

Who services their rental motorcycles?

Safety is of foremost importance when it comes to riding a motorcycle. For that reason, the motorcycle must be maintained by authorized dealers. And they must adhere to the finest maintenance standards set by the manufacturer. If there’s any compromise on regular maintenance of the ride you must not pick it no matter how economical it is. Getting stuck in the middle of the road or meeting an unwanted accident due to any technical fault in the ride is something you would never want. So double-check what type of services are previously done for the motorbike it helps in understanding the present condition properly.

How old is the bike?

Knowing every aspect of the motorbike before hiring one is uttermost important. Make sure you ask the bike rental service about the model number, mileage allowance, equipment, etc. Check the manufacture details for understanding the build motorbike it helps with dealing with emergencies.

For ensuring the first-class service, almost all of the rental services offer the latest and finest models. Rental motorbikes usually cover high mileage in a short period. Hiring a bike with high mileage isn’t necessarily the worst thing if it’s carefully maintained.

What’s their Insurance Coverage?

It’s one of the most important aspects to check before renting the bike. Insurance coverage helps you in dealing with unwanted accidents, thefts, or fire damages, while you travel. Having

third-party insurance is mandatory in Europe for rental services. Ask about the insurance cover offered by the rental company to the customers.

How much does an accident cost?

It’s one of those questions that you should never miss. Insurance excess, also known as insurance deductible it’s the amount a rider has to bear. The general rule is higher the value of the motorbike the higher this cost will be. It varies among motorbike companies. We advise you not to rent the cheapest bike especially if you are hiring it for long tours.

What’s the policy for breakdowns?

Rent a bike that is in the best condition. If the motorbike is well maintained, it is unlikely that any breakdown will happen. But any machine can stop working even in its perfect condition. If you are traveling across the border ask what countries the rental company covers. In case, if the damage can’t get repaired locally what’s their replacement policy? 

What’s the policy about one-way rentals?

If you are traveling during your holidays or on a lengthy trip for exploring your wanderlust your drop-off location will likely be different from your pick-up location. Ask about their delivery rates and their policy on picking up their bike.

Time for bike pick-up & return?

It depends upon your travel schedule you might arrive early or late. Ask if you can pick outside the office hours or what leverage they offer regarding delays.


Are there any hidden costs?

You must ask this clearly before hiring a bike. Renting a motorbike can be expensive, hidden changes and unexpected costs add more to putting a bigger hole in the pocket. Understand your rental agreement properly & the company’s policy regarding cancellation. Do the paperwork after you are completely satisfied.

What After-Sales Services do they offer?

Never forget to ask the company regarding customer care assistance after the completion of the service. Check all the emergency services provided by the company in cases of uncertain scenarios on your trips. Do not skip doing market research, make a comparison of the packages & the prices with different amenities provided by rental companies. Choose the best & affordable one for your trip.

Booking Process

Unlike car rental services, online booking for rental motorcycles isn’t so common. You might get a contract via email & ask about credit card details for booking. We suggest you pay via PayPal or bank transfer rather than giving your credit card details.

Also, inquire about their cancellation policy before making a reservation. It varies for different companies. Give the rental company, specific details about the bike you want. Also, inform the mileage you are likely to cover. 

Handing over Motorcycle

Getting all the damages marked down by the rider is your interest. Take your time, look and indicate all the damages to the bike. Ensure the safety-relevant equipment like indicators, horn & lights. Check the fuel level, brake system, chain tension, tire condition, and pressure.

Get yourself familiarized with bike electronics, locking mechanisms. Do not shy from asking to ask questions. Sign the contract, only when you are completely satisfied. For smooth return, confirm the location & time when you will bring the motorcycle back.

Returning of the Motorbike after the rented time

After you are done enjoying the rental motorbike the time comes when you must return it to the agreed location & time. You & Rental Company employ, should go through the motorcycle together. Inspect all the parts and equipment in case of any damage. All of the Rental companies perfectly know their motorbikes inside out. Being untruthful regarding the damages creates an uncomfortable scenario that’s why we advised to thoroughly check the machine condition before renting it. If everything is set and incomplete order, receive the written proof of it. It will protect you from all kinds of future claims.

Picture source Photo by Harley-Davidson on Unsplash

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