Motorbike rental service in Manila for students, delivery riders, and frontline workers

Scooter rental manila

Book2wheel has recently launched a motorbike rental service in Manila for students, delivery riders, and frontline workers. We now offer long terms rentals with minimum cost and with comprehensive insurance. We understand it is expensive to buy a new motorbike and it is hard to sell once you are done using it especially for companies who need motorbike for their staff.

We have put together a package which will fit corporate employees as well people who have low salaries in the Philippines. Here are the details for long terms rentals in Manila.

Long term rentals in Manila

Motorbikes Yamaha Mio (2016 and 2018), Honda beat (2019), Honda click 125cc (2019)
Rate6000 PHP a month without insurance, while 6500 PHP a month with fully
comprehensive insurance
Minimum contract 3 months. Note: In order to avail of the discount, the total payment for 3 months must be made before or during the start of the rental period.
InclusionsFree check-up of the motorbikeChange oil for every 1000 KM4500 KM
monthly limit on mileageTire change for every 12000 KM

We will provide brand new tires and tubes on the day of your rental. If the tire (either front or back) gets flat during your rental period, you will cover the cost of the flat tire. We change tires every 12000 KM. 

What does comprehensive insurance motorbike insurance cover?

It covers if you have a major accident and the motorbike has large damage (worth more than 5000 PHP). If the motorbike has a minor accident, we will deduct the costs from your security deposit. In case the security deposit is insufficient, you will need to pay for the lacking amount. Also, comprehensive insurance only covers up to 80 percent of the damages. You will be charged 20 percent of the damages. If the motorbike gets stolen, you will be charged 20 percent of the actual value of the motorbike. Another important thing to take note, the insurance company charges a certain amount as their processing fee. You will shoulder their processing fee as well. You can get a copy of insurance details which mention cost and benefit.

Rider accident insurance in the Philippines for corporate employees

We understand as a business owner you would like to protect your riders. For that Book2wheel also introduced Ercare insurance together with a key partner Cebuana Lhuillier. The Er-care insurance provided the rider 20,000 pesos to cover their medical expanse in case he is admitted to the hospital in case of an accident or any other emergency to his or her health. You can read more information on how to apply for insurance for your employees or riders here

Read more about

Cebuana Lhuillier ERCare covers the medical expenses incurred within a year from the date of issuance or purchase by the Insured Person for the treatment of an eligible emergency condition, availment of which can either be as an Out-Patient in the Emergency Room Department or as an In-Patient of a Hospital via cash assistance. Cebuana Lhuillier ERCare is eligible for persons 15 years old to 65 years old. This is provided by Pacific Cross (Philippines) Insurance Inc.

ER Coverage Cost; 550 pesos certificate cover up to 5,000 Pesos and 1250 pesos certificate cover up to 20,000 pesos. To get this insurance please send us an email at

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