Is it possible to rent a motorbike in Denmark?

Rent motorcycle in Denmark

Yes, it is possible to rent motorbikes and scooters in Denmark. Book2wheel Aps has built software for sharing motorbikes, scooters, and bicycles in Denmark. This is a new service and people are getting to know this service as time is passing.

How does motorbikes and scooters rental works in Denmark

The idea of Book2wheel is very simple. If someone has a bicycle or a motorbike which he is not using, he can start renting it out. All you need to do is to visit or and upload your bicycle and motorbike. The renter who wants to rent a scooter or motorbike in Denmark must know the following things-

There are 2 types of scooters which you can rent and drive in Denmark.

Rent a scooter in Denmark without a driving license.

In Denmark, you have 2 types of scooters, one with a Yellow number plate, which can be driven without a driving license and must only be driven on a bicycle lane. Remember that you must wear a helmet on this scooter as well. This scooter must not exceed 30 km speed. In order to drive this scooter on the road, you need third-party insurance.

Renting a scooter in Denmark on a car driving license.

The 2nd type of scooter which has a speed of 45km and has a white number plate, can be driven on a car driving license. If you want to rent a motorbike or a scooter that has a higher speed of 45km, it is required to have a motorbike driving license. The scooter with a white number plate is not allowed to drive on the bicycle lane. It must be driven in a car lane or a regular lane.

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