Choosing Motorcycles for Grocery Delivery Services

As the coronavirus pandemic prompted a lot of people to stay home and ride-hailing services seriously affected by it, there is one sector that might save it during this uncertain period – delivery services.

Many motorcycle rentals are taking a dramatic change in their business models by trying to capture the food delivery market. Instead of transporting passengers, motorcycles are now busy delivering meals to customers’ homes as restaurants are prohibited from accepting dine-in customers. Apart from that, two wheels are effective delivery platforms as they can bring emergency and essential supplies as well. Many erstwhile ride-hail drivers, who currently cannot accept passengers due to quarantine and social distancing measures, have shifted to package and grocery delivery in order to make ends meet.

We have sorted out the best motorcycles out there that are suited to delivery services. Here are the key elements that you should consider:

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Delivery vehicles take a lot of pressure with heavy items carried onboard and the varying road condition it runs on. If you happen to have the Honda TMX125 Alpha then that would be a good motorcycle for its ease of maintenance and heavy-duty engineering. Meanwhile, the Suzuki NEX 110’s twist-and-go functionality makes it perfect in traffic-heavy areas in the city.

Fuel Economy

Just like transporting passengers, grocery delivery runs involve a lot of traveling so that means you need a motorcycle that has a good fuel economy. When you save a lot of money on gasoline, it means you get to earn a lot more every single day. The Yamaha Sight 115 is a workhorse with a good fuel consumption while the TVS Max4R can handle long working hours while allowing for less riding stress to the driver.

Storage Space

When it comes to motorcycle delivery, storage space is essential, especially when delivering fragile items. Moreover, space is a premium for motorcycles and so, any model with a heavy-duty engine that can carry heavier loads would be preferred. The sleek and sporty Yamaha Mio Sporty has a floorboard that can easily accommodate grocery items to complement the under-seat cargo space.

Structural Attachments

Motorcycles that can accommodate structural attachments would expand its capability to carry more items and ensure that nothing gets damaged along the way. Additional storage boxes, railings, and hooks allow the driver to attach plastic bags or tie-up other things onto the motorcycle without seriously impairing his ability to drive. The Honda XRM 125 Dual Sport has most of its parts constructed from solid steel thereby making it a favorite of hardworking delivery boys.

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