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order online grocery and food in cebu

Let us quickly show you how and what you can order online. First, how to make online grocery orders in Cebu? Vist book2wheel Facebook page or click here (Facebook chat link). Once you are on the book2wheel Facebook page, simply write your complete order, your delivery address, and phone number. Here are some samples of how to send your order.

Cebu motorbike delivery service

Above you see an example. You can also send your list written on a paper and take a clear picture of it and send it to the book2wheel Facebook chatbox. As long it is clear and rider can read your message, it is all good.

what are the items that can be ordered using online grocery service in Cebu and Lapu-Lapu city?

You can order anything which is legal and related to food, household stuff, meat, and other basic things that you need for your daily use. You should advise the rider where your products should be purchased. Once you have made an order, we will connect you with a rider that is close to your location. You can reach out to them through phone or SMS. Make sure you provide the rider clear instructions. check all purchased items before he leaves your location. The rider must provide you the receipt for the grocery.

it is advisable to order from the supermarket which is near your location. Supermarkets provide the receipt so there is proof that rider has not overcharged you. In the carbon, the market seller does not provide a receipt so it is hard to track the prices.

order online grocery in Cebu city
Example: Receipt is provided

How much is the delivery fee and what are the payment options?

The delivery fee is 350 pesos per order. This fee goes to the rider who is going to spend time in the supermarket or at any other shop, and collect all your items, plus put gasoline in their motorbike and use his/her motorbike to buy the items for you. A small share from the delivery fee goes to Book2wheel, which helps us to pay our employees to pay salaries and offer 24/7 customers support service. If you think 350 is too much, you must think about how much time you will save and can use that time to do other things. Also, by ordering online you are helping the rider to feed her family.

We have multiple payment options. Pay on cash, pay with G cash, pay with a bank transfer. If your order is small, up to 1000 pesos, a rider can buy the items for you and deliver you and get paid the total amount from you once you receive the products. If the amount of your order is large, meaning, above 1000 pesos, you must pay in advance. You can pay either directly to the rider or to Book2wheel. We highly recommend that you pay to book2wheel and we will transfer the payment to the rider. This method is used to protect both parties.

Item price list

Each day prices are different in the vegetable market. We can not provide you prices in advance, but the delivery rider can provide you prices on the spot, on the phone, once you are connected with him. The best is that you provide him your budget and tell him the product should be bought under this budget. This way he can keep in contact with you through WhatsApp or SMS. Items bought in the supermarket have regular prices, so there is no dispute in that sense.

Reviews of Book2wheel online grocery service in Cebu city

You can read the Book2wheel online grocery service in Cebu city by visiting the Book2wheel Facebook page. Most orders come from the Facebook page. All the reviews are stated on our Facebook page. Here is an example.

order online groceries in Cebu with just one sms or text message
Book2wheel customer review
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