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order online food in cebu

How can I order online grocery in Cebu? The answer is very simple, Book2wheel provides nowadays door to door grocery service in Cebu. If you need vegetables, fruits or medicines, our riders can deliver it to you even within minutes! Who are we? Book2wheel is a motorbike sharing service in the Philippines. Due to coronavirus, we have shifted our focus to a delivery service. We have realized that most people who are staying at home could not get their basic needs. Therefore, we have launched this new service. 

Cebu online grocery service

How does online grocery delivery work in Cebu?

The service is not only limited to Cebu city, but we also provide it in other areas, such as Lapu Lapu, Mandaue, and Manila area. The service is not only limited to groceries, but you can also order other things such as medicine, water, food and other products that are used in daily households. How does it work? The service works this way; You send us your complete order, Phone number, and delivery address through our Facebook page. Here is the link (click here).

Your order will be forwarded to the nearby delivery person who will do the groceries for you and deliver it to your door. How much is the delivery fee? The delivery person will collect 350 pesos delivery charges from you. The delivery fee is to be paid in cash once the order has been delivered successfully to you. 

How to contact Book2wheel and make an order?

Best way is to order through our Facebook page. We have many customer service agents who are available to chat. Facebook Messenger is free to use in the Philippines, or just call or text us at this number: 09173853917order online food in cebu


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