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 Also, officially known as the ‘City of Davao’. This City is very urbanized and in addition, the third-most populous city in the Philippines with 1 796 574 inhabitants . This is why Book2wheel ensures that your stay in the city is memorable by offering you a safe, convenient and secure movement. Otherwise, how else would you be able to beat the sometimes heavy traffic jams?

Step One: please visit or Click here.

Step Two: Click on the naviataion bar where it says “Try entering city name ex, Manila”. You will be directed to a search page where you can see motorbikes from different owners. When you click on the location Icon, you can see the motorbike pick up location. Now in order to view prices and owner terms and condition, click on “Book now”

Step Three: click on “Book now” and you will be directed to the motorbike’s detail page; Here you can see bike details, about the owner and terms for renting the motorbike. You can select your pick up date and return date. Then, you will see automated calculation with the discount.

Step Fourth: click on “Start Booking” and it will direct you to the next page. Fill out your information. This information will be forwarded to motorbike owner.

If you would like to have the bike deliverd to your location, here you can add a delivery option. Each owner has different delivery payment options. You can also add extra kilometers here. Before moving to next step, accept terms and conditions. You can message the owner as well.

Final step: click on “Check out” and it will direct you to the very last step. At the last step, you can select the payment option; There are 3 payment options, you can pay cash when pick up the bike, or you can pay online. After you are done choosing the payment option, your booking reservation is now complete. You will immediately get an email from us, with your resevation details and number. Within a few hours, you will get a confirmation by the owner of the motorbike.

Book2wheel is a portal for sharing motorbike or car service in the Philippines. We connect you with motorbikes owners all over the Philippines. does not own motorbikes. You can also rent a motorbike in Manila with a full comprehensive motorbike insurance. The insurance covers own damge, theft and body injury.

Here you can see examples of the best motorcycles in Davao city from Book2wheel’s offer:


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Island Buenavista

Island BuenavistaSource:

Rent a motorcycle in Davao city and visit the most amazing Island in Davao city. Island Buenavista is a small and pristine Island with clear white sand beaches and very clear water. If you love peace and want to experience a real getaway and also a bit of tranquility, this is the place for you.

Rent a motorcycle and visit Balut Island

Balut Island

While in Davao city, make sure that you also get to visit Balut Island. This home to a mixture of different cultures is one place you don’t want to miss exploring. Here you will enjoy, among other things, taking a dip in the Sabung Hot Spring which overlooks the sea. In addition to this, you can enjoy strolling along the white sand beach. While strolling, do remember to watch out for Pigmy Sperm Whales in the water.

Davao Butterfly House

Davao Butterfly House

Are you a nature lover? then this protected refuge for butterflies, plants, flowers and exotic animal and insect species such as scorpions, birds, fish and many more is one of the places you don’t want to miss out on visiting while in Davao city. You will among other things enjoy the curving brick paths that are surrounded by green grass, trees, and beautiful flowers. So, if you get a chance, grab your motorcycle and explore.

Book2Wheel is an online portal for sharing motorcycles and cars. Motorcycle and car rental services are now available in most cities and islands in the Philippines.

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