Royal Enfield in the Philippines – Overview and how to rent

Hello everyone! Book2wheel couldn’t be more excited to talk you about motorbikes, and when we say motorbikes we mean Royal Enfield! As many of you already know the Indian brand is one of the most loved in South-Eastern Asia, and this guide will help you to get the Royal Enfield best fit your requirements and personality.

Let’s start from a timeless motorbike: the Bullet 500. It’s a motorcycle that retains its design from almost 70 years, exception made for the front disc brake, electric start and pass light switch that brings the Bulletin this millennium.

It carries the same shape as the first model that made love this bike during the years. The driving position is comfortable and gives good control all over the bike thanks to its sit that allows a correct posture to cover many kilometres. It’s the perfect bike for touring and commuting, even if sometimes vibrations over 100 km/h could be annoying and the drum brake at the rear must be improved. The price of Bullet 500cc is ₱295.000

The Bullet 350cc is the smaller sister of the 500 with which shares the design, the price is affordable and the performances are good. The only flaw we want to underline is the drum front brake instead of the disc brake. It’s the lowest price motorbike of Royal Enfield in the Philippines, just ₱151.000.


The Classic 500 is probably the most famous bike of Royal Enfield. The motorcycle bonds together the vintage design of the post-war period with new materials that make this bike an icon. The engine is reliable and it fits good in the traffic jam. Very good the position of driving and the bike is comfortable also during long distances. It’s a perfect vehicle to own because its depreciation is low over the years. The issues faced by customers are the same as Bullet 500, too many vibrations at top speed and the drum brake rear isn’t the best, the price is around ₱313.000 – ₱329.000 based on customization.

The Classic 350 keeps the same design of 500, and it’s suggested for those who want to save money, the price is ₱196.500, or for those who are just beginners in the motorcycle’s world.


Let’s speak now about Continental GT. It has a real cafe-racer motorcycle style, the same of the original Continental GT built in Birmingham in 1967. The bike is compact and the driving position is aggressive, and it’s perfect if you are looking for fun or to catch attention. One of the most manoeuvrable motorbikes of Royal Enfield thanks to its little weight, it fits perfectly to urban use. If you want to buy this amazing motorbike with a 650cc engine the price is ₱375.000.


If you are looking for the right trade-off between adventure and daily use give a look to Himalayan. It borns from the off-road experience even if the tires have a good performance also in the city’s streets. The engine of 411cc allows fun and easiness to use even for those who have never ride a motorbike before. The Himalayan is a safe bike with front and rear disc brakes. The fuel consumption is very low so that you can ride over 400km with a full tank of 15 liters. Available at the price of ₱299,000.


Interceptor is the perfect combination for those who are looking for comfort and great emotions. The driving position is very comfortable and it’s perfect to drive long distances. The engine is robust and reliable as all Royal Enfield engines. Respect to Classic and Bullet models the Interceptor reduced drastically the vibrations, especially at the top speed.  The engine is the same as the Continental GT so that you have just to choose the design you like more. Definitely a beautiful motorbike for ₱365.000 source:   Prices source:
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