Experience true local food culture

There is no better way to experience the new place than by trying local food. From a unique Filipino cuisine in Manila to Indian specialties on a rooftop in Delhi, the new phenomenon of social dining is for everyone and everywhere, with the added touch of hospitality and a closer look into a local’s life. 

TastePlease – the new social dining platform

TastePlease is a global online food universe available in 190 countries and 14 languages.  The platform aims to provide more authentic experiences to travelers and to bring people together all over the world by allowing to see the culture from inside out.

With TastePlease as your travel companion, you can experience local food culture like never before. The global platform makes it easy for hungry travelers to connect with local chefs, allowing them to get a real taste of any given cuisine. 

Join the world of flavours

The best things in life are meant to be shared, and TastePlease makes it easy to share food experiences as the platform is fully integrated with Facebook and other major social media channels allowing anyone, anywhere, anytime to get together with like minded people and share their passion for food!

Sign-up on TastePlease for free with only a few clicks and see what’s happening in your travel destination and get to try true local food. 

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