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Comprehensive Motorcycle insurance philippines

If you have bought a scooter and motorcycle in the Philippines and worried about motorbike getting stolen or damage. Worry no more, Now you can get private insurance on your motorcycle or car, which covers  damage/theft, acts of nature (force majeure), personal body injury, excess bodily injury, and third party property damage. Book2wheel provides a service connecting people to motorbike owners. It also provides service which connects motorbike owners to insurance brokers and agents. You are provided with direct communication from our recommended insurance companies.

What does comprehensive motorcycle insurance  cover?

The premium insurance covers own damage/theft, acts of nature (force majeure), personal body injury, excess bodily injury, and third party property damage.

motorcycle insurance philippines

Who can avail this service?  

Anyone who has a vehicle, motorbike/scooter and cars as well, can avail a premium insurance for their vehicle in the Philippines.

How much does this Premium cost?

It depends on the net price of your vehicle. You can decide how much you want to be covered with premium insurance.

Example: Racal JR 125cc, a fully automatic scooter with cash value of 46,000 PHP

Summary of Premium and Other Charges

Premium                                                                        1,591 .00 PHP   COC VF …….. PHP

Value added tax                                                             190.92    PHP

Documentary stamp tax                                               198.88    PHP

Local government tax                                                       7.96     PHP

Amount Due                                                               1,988.76  PHP

Coverage/s                                                                 Sum Insured

Own Damage/ Theft                                               46,000.00 PHP

Acts of Nature                                                           46,000.00 PHP

Personal accident                                                   100,000.00 PHP

Excess Bodily Injury                                              200,000.00 PHP

How to contact us

Would you like to get a quote for your motorbike or car? Fill the form and an agent will get back to you as soon as possible. You may also write an email at: For free call and text write us on viber or whats app +4550336186. For live chat visit and click on chat section. You can have all the process online or visit office location.  

motorcycle insurance philippines, theft insurance

Note: This is only for personal use motorbike. The insurance company does not covers damages if you rent your motorbike to third party.

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2 Thoughts to “Motorcycle Insurance Philippines – Great Coverage at Great Rates”

  1. Rosie Linda Pasimio

    Hi do you have an agency in cagayan de oro? Thanks

    1. admin

      Dear Rosie,
      We provide comprehensive motorcycle insurance all over the Philippines.
      How can you buy comprehensive motorbike insurance and where can you deposit payment?
      Simply fill the form above, you will send quotation in your email. The email includes payment details and bank details where you can deposit the money.
      Once you deposit the payment, send the picture of your receipt. The agent will confirm your insurance policy and send you a confirmation email.
      Where can you claim insurance?
      you will be provided the contact number in your insurance policy which you can contact in case of any assistance.
      I hope I have answered your question regarding comprehensive insurance in the Philippines

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