List of touring motorbikes that are available to rent in the Manila Philippines. 2020 Guide

Rent 650cc motorbike in Manila

Let’s begin with pricing.

Why motorbike rental rates are high compared to Thailand and Indonesia?

The answer is that the Philippines has high import taxes compare to other Asia countries. Thailand and Indonesia manufacture motorbikes in the country. The Philippines imports them. The buying price of a motorbike is double compared to other Asian countries.

The 2nd, Philippines is not yet developed as compared to Thailand and Indonesia. There are not enough rental shops which can full fill the demand. In the coming years, supply will meet the demand and the price of motorbike rentals will be cut in half.

No:1 Most rented touring motorbike in Manila Philippines

Royal Enfield Himalayan 400cc is one of the most rented motorcycles in the Philippines. This motorbike comes with a promo in Manila. If you rent for 24 hours, the rent is 2500 pesos 47$. But if you rent this motorbike for 5 days the price goes down to 1500 peso which is 28$. The price even goes downs if you rent for 14 days. The daily rental becomes 1000 pesos a day which is 19 $.

No: 2 Most wanted motorbike for rent in Manila Philippines

Kawasaki Versys 650 2022 is the most wanted motorcycle in Manila. This motorbike is perfect for long rides. You can take this motorbike on Express high way and reach your destination on time. The rent starts from 3000 pesos, which is 57 $. When you rent for the long term the rental rates go down.

BMW F900R 2021 Model Most trust motorbike for tours in Manila 

BMW F900r is the most trusted motorbike amount customers in Manila. You can rent this BMW motorbike and travel with peace of mind. The motorbike owner provides full comprehensive insurance. You will love the nature of this motorbike when it comes to power. 

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