Rent a BMW motorcycle in Manila, Quezon City Philippines

Rent BMW motorcycle Manila

It is important to know some of the basic driving rules in Manila Philippines. 

First – on the expressway, you are only allowed to drive a 400cc type of motorcycle. Second, you need RFID to pay a toll fee. Third, do not use google maps, use Waze map instead in the Philippines and use a mobile holder when driving a motorcycle. If you don’t have a mobile holder you will be lost most of the time. It won’t be safe to drive without a mobile holder. You can always buy your own helmet and mobile holder for motorcycles in the Philippines. You can find these items when you go to any shopping mall.

 Is it possible to rent a BMW motorcycle in Manila?

Yes it is, you can visit the website and find BMW motorcycles for rent. You can also rent a Royal Enfiled motorcycle, KTM, Kawakasi and other motorcycles which are above 400cc. You can also find promos on long-term motorcycle rentals in Manila. You can rent Royal Enfiled Himalayan for 1000 pesos a day if you rent for longer than 15 days. You can see some examples in the pictures bellow. Book2wheel is a motorcycle sharing service where local people rent out their motorcycles.

Rent a BMW 900cc motorcycle in Manila.
Promos on Big bikes in Metro Manila

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