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What is the best motorcycle to rent for tours in Quito Ecuador?

Motorcycle riding is one of the best experiences you can have as a rider. For that, it is important to understand which motorcycle should be taken for long rides and why.

If you are a rider who has ridden a motorcycle for 10 hours straight, then you must know what we are talking about. Let me share my experience. My name is Furqan, I am the founder of book2wheel as well as a rider myself. I rented a motorcycle in Manila city in the Philippines and went on a 4 hour drive to NE northeast of Luzon with my girlfriend. The 4 hour trip turned into a 10 hour ride due to rain, mountain terrain, and sundown. I rented a 200cc china motorcycle. which has side boxes and a top box.

Every time I would break my girlfriend would lean on me. After a few hours, I began to feel pain in my arms. I had to stop and take breaks. The bike that I was riding was not fit for the long ride and the seat position was really bad. For my next trip, I rented Royal Enfield Himalayan and it was a great and smooth experience. Royal Enfield bikes are so simple and easy-going that you don’t have to worry about any fancy controllers. The bike’s height can be set to your height so you have full control.

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Why rent Royal Enfield Himalayan in Ecuador?

  • Himalyan are cheap compared to other motorcycles on the market
  • Spare parts are cheap and easy to replace
  • The motorbikes are fitted with the safety guard which protect the motorbike at all times
  • Most mechanics know how to fix the engine of this motorbike
  • Rent is cheap
  • The motorbike is fitted with side boxes, top box, extra 2 gas tank and a water tank

Here are some of the pictures provided by advmotoecuador. The pictures were taken from a 5-day 4-night tour through Ecuador, starting up North in the province of Imbabura in a 170-year-old hacienda called Pinsaqui.

Here above you can see 3 Royal Enfield Himalayans loaded in the back of a pickup truck. You can book guided tours in Ecuador through advmotoecuador. They will guide you on this tour with a pick-up truck and a 4 x 4 truck. Your wife and kids can set in the 4 wheeler while you ride your 2 wheeler, this way the whole family can have fun.

How to Book motorcycle rentals and tours online in Ecuador?

You can book online through This is a safe way to rent motorcycles and tours in Ecuador. Book2wheel uses a cloud payment system. You are not charged until your booking is confirmed. The motorbike owner only receives the payment after your booking is finished. If you are afraid to send money to motorcycle owners through western union or a bank transfer we advise you to Book through Book2wheel. We have trusted partners listed on Book2wheel from Quito Ecuador.

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