Nice to know, before you roll – cycling in Denmark!

Rent bicycle in Denmark

Denmark – a paradise for cycling enthusiasts. Every day streets are full of people getting around on their 2 wheelers, but for some of us, this picture can be quite confusing, especially, if you are an international who just moved here. Maybe you have been living here for several years, but only now noticed that bicycles are literally around every corner. In any way, like in every other country, there are some basic guidelines that are nice to know before you start exploring this wonderful country on your 2 wheeler.

Technical equipment is always an important part of the cycling experience because your own safety depends on it. Remember, you have to have one white light in front of your bike and one red light in the back of the bike, at all times of the day. There must be bike reflectors on the wheels, on the pedals, and on the frame, accordingly in the front reflectors should be white and in the back – red. 

Having a properly working bell and brakes is also necessary and keep in mind, always check your bicycle before you start to roll around, as you can get 700 DKK fine for missing some of the technical items or if some of them do not work correctly. 

“Ready – set – go!”

Now, when you know that your bicycle is ready you can hit the streets of Denmark. Remind yourself to always keep right, no matter if you are on a cycling road or other. Follow the right traffic lights  – either bicycle ones or car traffic lights. 

Even if you just saw the most beautiful rain cloud and want to share it on social media while riding, remember, it is now allowed to use your phone while cycling. Furthermore, if you want to take your friend with you and cycle towards the sunset, keep in mind that only one person is allowed on the bicycle, except if the second one is a child in a special seat. 

These are just basic guidelines that make sure, that you do not feel unsafe or lost in this country. Nine out of ten people in Denmark own a bicycle, so the cycling culture is very popular and therefore, very structured. But enough said, now go into website, find a 2 wheeler and rent it for your next Scandinavian adventure.

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