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If you were looking for the bicycle tracker and did not find one, well now you should check out Bike Finder GPS tracker. The best part of this tracker is that it comes with insurance. let’s say you have bought and installed your tacker and somehow bike got stolen, the bike finder insurance will pay you full price for the bicycle. In Denmark, you will get 20 percent less amount of the total value in compensation But in Sweden, Norway and Finland insurance company will provide you a full return of your bicycle.

Bike finder is an official partner of the Tryg insurance company. Now let me explain how the tracker works and how the insurance works. Let’s start with the tracker. The tracker can be installed on the bicycle handle. It is so much easy to install you can watch the video below how to install and how does the tracker works. The tracker has 8 week battery time. So you can charge it any time anywhere even while riding your bicycle. The bike finder tracker comes with a power bank and a charging cable. you can track your bicycle in real-time or set a motion control. If your bicycle is moved you will get a notification. The tracker has a built-in sim card that sends you the notification in your mobile app.

So now let’s talk about how does the insurance coverage. First of all your tracker must be charge and active when your bike is stolen. If the tracker was not charged you will not get any compensation. So it is important you report right away when your bike is stolen. So it can be tracked. If you have borrowed your bike to someone remind them to charge the battery. The battery timing can be tracked on your mobile application.

As we understand if you are the residence of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Your bicycle is covered even you are traveling outside the Europ. Make sure to put your bicycle picture and details on the app. Let say if you have lost the receipt of your bicycle, the bike finder can make a valuation of your bike and help you to get your insurance coverage.

One more thing the tracker insurance not only covers theft insurance it also provides you own damage insurance. Let imagen someone stole your bicycle and made damage to your bicycle. The insurance company will cover your bike damages.

If you need to know about pricing and more information you can visit this link below. Shop now

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