Rent a motorcycle in Islamabad Pakistan

How can I rent a motorcycle for touring in Islamabad Pakistan?

Pakistan is one of the countries which has 4 seasons. If you go from south to north you will find different weather within 4 to 8-hour drive. For decades local tourists have been visiting the north part of Pakistan using cars, jeeps, and buses. In recent years, motorbike tourism has been growing and now local tourist build their motorbike to tour new destinations using their motorbikes.

The most comment motorbike which local people use is Honda 125 CG and Suzuki GS150cc. In 2019 Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki have introduced their bigger motorbikes along with Chinese touring motorbikes. Most Chinese motorbike comes with size boxes which are good for touring and bigger engine of 250cc

Now back to the question of where can you rent a motorbike in Islamabad. You have 2 options you can visit which is a motorbike and car-sharing service in Pakistan and locate all the motorbikes and cars near your area.

2nd option you visit You can contact this company directly and they can offer you a different motorbike. You can visit their website and find all the information.

Pakistan bikers have been in the business for quite some time. 3rd option you can try The Karakoram bikers also offer motorbike guided tours as well where you can travel in groups in Pakistan on a motorbike. Most of the motorbike rental companies are listed on so you can book their motorbike and see motorbike rental shop locations in Islamabad Pakistan.

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