Rent a motorbike in Elnido Palwan

Elnido is a place taken straight out of a paradise where you can lose yourself in a beautiful nature and surroundings. Thus it is not a suprise that Elnido of the Palawan Island is becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations.

With Book2Wheel you can move smoothly through Elnido and enjoy amazing wonders of nature the Philippines offer to you. In order to rent a motorcycle with us, go to our website and choose a bike you want. Then fill in your personal data and wait for a confirmation e-mail from us.

Before you visit the website, watch a short video with an explanation:

Now let me introduce you to the beautiful motorbikes available for cheap prices in Elnido.

Honda XRM 125cc

Red Honda XRM 125cc

Honda XRM 125cc is definately a model of your dreams. Elegant, lean and dynamic, it will make your journey enjoyable and unforgettable.

Daily price: 600PHP



Honda Beat 125cc


With Honda Beat 125cc you can experience a freedom and self-satisfaction. Smooth and fast, this motorbike will take you wherever you want in a short period of time.

Daily price: 600PHP



Yamaha Mio 110cc

Dark Yamaha Mio 110cc

Yamaha Mio is another way to move smothly through Elnido in Palawan. It is agile and fast, lets you feel the power of speed and saves your time and money!

Daily price: 600PHP



Honda XR 150CC

Black Honda XR 150CC

A beautiful and majestic Honda XR 150CC will trill you because of its power and agility.  Certainly, it is the type of a motorbike ready for every surface, perfect for Elnido roads and nature exploration.

Daily price: 1100PHP



Photo by Bas van Wylick on Unsplash

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