KYMCO in the Philippines

Hello everyone, and welcome back for another post about scooters. Today Book2wheel wants to show you some of the KYMCO scooters in the Philippines. In particular, we are going to introduce two different high-tech scooters in order to better understand what the manufacturing company is able to offer to their customers.

Like 150i

The first one is the KYMCO Like 150i Noodoe. Its design remembers 1970s scooter with the newest technology in the sector. It has LED lights, front and rear disc brakes with ABS system, and electric start. Moreover, KYMCO gives you the possibility to connect your phone to the scooter by using an app available in App Store and Google Play Store. In this way, you can set a navigation map or change the background pic directly into the scooter’s screen. Customization is one of the best straight points for this scooter that puts KYMCO at the top as a forward-thinking company. It’s small and easy to use, and so it perfectly fits the urban driving. The price for this 150 cc engine scooter is PHP119.900,00

Xciting S 400i

The KYMCO Xciting S 400i is a scooter build not just for commuting, but for touring experience. The engine of 400 cc allows running long distances without any problem. All the lights have a LED technology and also here we can find the Noodoe Navigation system so that you can be always connected with your smartphone. There is also the possibility to charge the phone while driving with a USB port. But technology is not the only thing we like to highlight. In order to halt this powerful scooter, KYMCO provided two front disc brakes and, of course, ABS works front and rear. Available in 4 colors: White, Blue, Grey and Black. The price for this amazing scooter is PHP359.000

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