Rent a motorbike in Bohol to reach Panglao Island

Panglao Island is a famous destination, located in the est of Cebu and southeast of Bohol. This island is divided into two parts: Panglao and Dauis. If you go to the Philippine, you really cant miss it.  There are many attractions in this beautiful island; Alona beach with its white sand. If you prefer a wild environment the Chocolate Hills or Hinagdanan Cave is the right choice for you.  Otherwise, for sports’ lovers, snorkeling and diving are two must try. The first question is: “How to reach Panglao Island?” , therefore the right answer is to rent a motorbike in Bohol with Book2Wheel.


Rent the motorbike best fit your requirements in Bohol

Book2Wheel offers many opportunities for choosing the best motorbike for you. Bohol is the best city where to start in order to reach Panglao Island. Visit our website book2wheel, find Bohol city and rent the motorbike that you prefer. You can select the days and in this way, you will see the total price. In conclusion, to arrive at Panglao Island is very fast an above all very simple.

Yamaha YBR125cc Manual

Kawasaki Ninja 250 SL Manual

rent motorbike in Bohol


Tropical paradise in Panglao Island: Alona Beach

Alona Beach in Panglao Island with tropical white sand and beautiful clear waters is a very small paradise in Panglao Island. It’s the best place where you can stop at different bars on the beach and observe the wonder of the sea.  Alona beach is a famous dive site in particular for the presence of barracudas, turtles and a different type of tropical fishes. In other words, if you come to the Philippine, you can’t miss this opportunity.


beautiful white sands in Panglao Island


Hinagdanan Cave: Fantastic experience!

The origin of the name “Hinagdanan” drifts from one scale “hagdan” made by a  farmer after he discovered the cave casually. However, it’s possible to enter the cave (made of limestones) one at a time. In this way, you can admire a hundred meters of length of this wonderful cavern and many birds that are sleeping in the ceiling. There are many restaurants near, where you can enjoy delicious food after the visite at the Hinagdanan Cave or after the walk on the sands in Panglao Island.


cavern at Panglao Island


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