Rent a scooter in Dipolog City-Let’s cruise

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Rent a scooter in Dipolog City, this city has some of the most interesting places to visit in the Philippines. Here are a few fun things you can engage in while in Dipolog.

How to get to these amazing places in style!

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1.Rent a scooter in Dipolog city and go hike at Linabo Peak

Rent a scooter in Dipolog city and explore Linabo Peak        Source:

If you are a hike lover, then this should be top in your must do list. Linabo peak is approximately 3000 steps trail that leads one to a breathtaking view of Dipolog and Dapitain, which are against a back-drop of the sun and the sky. In addition, there is a stairway that apparently is very easy to follow. This will enable you to reach the top and enjoy the most amazing view. People who have previously visited the peak advice that one has to at-least bring insect repellent and make sure the visit to the peak is in the morning hours for one to enjoy the sunrise and the amazing cool breeze.

2.Take a dip in Sungkilaw Falls

Sunkilaw FallwsSource:

You want to feel the real fun and beat the heat in the Philippines?, or just want to be in a secluded place and enjoy a refreshing bath in the cool waters? then this is the place to be. Sungkilaw Falls is situated in the middle of a lush, green forest and requires that its visitors trek through a rough terrain to reach it. The walk might be a bit long, but the enjoyment and the amazing experience is worth every step you will take.

3.Rent a scooter in Dipolog city and visit Sicayab Cliffs

Sicayab CliffsSource:

Do you love thrill? look no further, because this is where you will have the adventure of a lifetime. You can for example cliff dive and maybe enjoy a bit of physical activities like rock climbing. It is also only about 4 kilometers from Sicayab beach where you will enjoy things like skim-boarding or just swimming. Otherwise, just lay on Sicayab’s fine beach sand and enjoy a great view and the breeze.


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