Startup intern experience in a hygge place, Denmark! III

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Regarding my startup intern experience, during my journey in Denmark I had the opportunity to visit some places around me.

I went to Copenhagen, where innovation and tradition find their union. The cost of living is much more expensive, compared to other Danish cities and lifestyle in Italy.

There are numerous tourist attractions, starting from the royal palaces, shopping streets and maritime ports.

Symbol of the city is the statue of “The Little Mermaid”, which directs its gaze towards the sea with a slight melancholy. The author of the homonym fairytale, Hans Christian Andersen, has contributed to create this tourist pilgrimage around the city.

Walking through the streets of Copenhagen you can see the latest trends in fashion, design and architecture. To see the different districts of the Danish city such as Osterbro, Vesterbro and Norrebro.

For those who want to explore the city from a different perspective, it is possible to take part in boat tours through the canals of the city and thus cross the most remote corners.

The ancient port of the city, Nyhavn, is today full of cafes and tourist clubs. Still to remember and visit is Christiania, the free city of Copenhagen.

Once I felt self-confident with the surrounding environment so I organized a few trips out of town during my weekends.

I absolutely recommend to visit Egeskov Castle. It is only thirty minutes from Odense and is easily connected to major centers and railway stations.

The real beauty is the immense park from which it is surrounded and, even more so, from the fauna, with multiple diversity of plants, flowers and the famous labyrinth and flora, free to move in spite of every curious visitor.

Denmark is one of the oldest monarchies and its legacy is perfectly preserved among castles and gardens, with a fairytale and unmistakable style.

Many of the Danish castles were built as fortresses built to defend the country from possible invasions and were also the refuge of great artists, invited to entertain noble families. Today many of these can be visited and opened to the public, hosting exhibitions, exhibitions and collections.

Among the places not to be missed for a stay in Denmark, I highly recommend the city of Billund, in particular Lego House. It is known that the bricks of the famous Lego company were created, the name derives from the union of the Danish words “leg godt” which means “play well”.

Interactive spaces, as well as exhibitions, for fans and for all ages. You will be fascinated by the LEGO universe, experiencing monumental constructions and real statues, which are entirely made with these bricks. Between the areas to explore: the “experience zones”, the outdoor terraces and the “History collection”.

I highlighted on the main topics about my experience abroad therefore I felt motivated to share my story so it can be useful for your next first steps.

Good luck!


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