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Comprehensive car insurance Philippines p

Are you looking for comprehensive car insurance in the Philippines, worries no more. Book2wheel has the problem of your solution. We provide you car insurance service through our trusted and reliable partners. What more we take care of the process and provide you 24/7 customer support. We understand communication is the most important between 2 parties.

How do you get your car comprehensive insurance using book2wheel?

Book2wheel is connected to the insurance companies and agencies in the Philippines. Once you fill the form, our agent and partner will receive your request. They will quickly reply you with the quotation. Book2wheel work as an agent between both side. We follow up on yours inquires and make sure you get your insurance policy.

How does the process work?

We are trying our best to provide you all the assistance online, but few things in the Philippines are still done manually which takes some time. It might take few days before you get the Comprehensive car insurance. Once you submit your inquiry an agent will ask more details about your car, such as engine number, chassis no, the color of your car and MV file no. They will also ask you about if your car is mortgaged or not. If yes from which bank or company have you mortgagee. They will require you send a picture

How much it cost to get comprehensive car insurance?

Simply fill the form below and get actual quotation price. The price is calculated based on car year model and value of the car.

What does it cover  Comprehensive car insurance covers in the Philippines?

  • Own Damage/theft
  • Third party property Damages
  • Third party Bodily injury
  • Personal Accident
  • Acts of Nature
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance

Car comprehensive insurance quotation includes the following as well:

  • 24 Hour Roadside Assistance (Specific areas only)
  • Acts of God Coverage (typhoon. Flood. Earthquake, hurricane, Volcanic eruption)
  • Unnamed passenger personal accident (UPPA) Insurance – 50,000 PHP per person based on vehicle seating capacity: including unnamed driver with 10% medical reimbursement
  • Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion (SRCC) Cover
  • Unit model with a maximum of 12 years old up to present for PC and CV will be accepted for CASA repair
  • Basis of indemnity in respect of Loss/Damage to the insured vehicle is company’s fair market value at the time of loss

Term and Conditions to obtain car insurance

  • The car shall not be used for caring fare-paying passenger Uber/grab
  • It shall not be Yellow plated vehicle such as Taxi and U/V express van, school bus/van
  • The vehicle being insured has not been involved in any vehicular accident and has not been flooded/damaged in any manner as for the time of the issuance of this policy.
  • Any damages prior to the issuance of this policy shall not be compensable. This declaration is under the penalty of perjury.
Car insurance
Example 2015
Example Honda
Example Civic E NAVI LE CVT 1.8
Example ZRA 124
Example 200,000
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