Most popular bikes rented in Cebu city Philippines by 2016

Cebu tourism 

Cebu tourism’s competitiveness is strengthened by its diverse historical and natural resources, rich cultural milieu, established land, sea and air transport infrastructure, presence of hotels and resorts, and a thriving industrial and manufacturing economy. The presence of the Mactan Cebu International Airport in Lapu-Lapu gives Cebu a high competitive edge for its connectivity with the rest of the country and many vital Asian cities. These cities are growing day by day by hosting different events which attract thousands of tourists every year.

 Sinulog festival 2017

Sinulog has become the most popular event in Cebu. Thousands of local and international tourists visit Cebu for this event in the month of January.  During the month of  January, different events are organized by the local government. This event has grown dramatically from single day event to one month festival. The festival now includes fun run, welcome parties, kick of parties, parade, and concert.

Most popular bikes rented in Cebu city in 2016

Book2wheel has many challenges in 2016. One of the challenges was to discover which is the most popular bikes among the customers. In year 2016, we had many customers who rented different bikes. In the end of the year, we looked at our quantitative data and discovered that most of the customers rented fully automatic scooter. Most popular bikes which were rented in Cebu city are:

1: Suzuki Skydrive 125cc Fully automatic scooter 

Rent bike Cebu

Picture is taken from (Link )

Fully automatic 125cc scooter. Most of the tourists who visit Cebu rented Suzuki Skydrive. The reason they rented this scooter is because it is fully automatic scooter. Most of the people do not know how to drive manual bike. People from Europe are used to fully automatic scooters and that is one of the fact why they rented a fully automatic scooter in the Philippines. If you would like to rent a scooter in Cebu city please click (here)

2: Honda Beat 110cc

honda beat

A fully automatic light weight scooter. Honda beat is on the 2nd number which was mostly rented by customers. Due to its light weight and easy handling feature, most of the people rented this scooter. The scooter has good space in the front for bag pack.

3 Yamaha Mio 125cc 


Another popular bike among customers is fully automatic Yamaha scooter. Most of the people rented this scooter because of its style and looks. Also, it has strong headlights. This scooter is fast and good for long drive. If you wish to rent this scooter, please click (here)

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