Importance of obtaining SIM card in the Philippines

Planning to visit the Philippines any time soon? Whether you are a tourist, a local, or planning to permanently stay in the Philippines, obtaining a SIM card is a MUST.


Should it be Globe, TNT, TM, Smart, Sun, and etc., all serve the same purpose – to send a message, to make a call, and to surf the Internet. So the question now is, how to obtain one? For as low as 20 PHP, you can own a SIM card by buying to those who sell along the road or known in Tagalog as “Tiangge”. However, if you prefer to purchase at the mall, price may range from 50 PHP and above. Depending on the network service provider, there are some that offer free 150 MB and above for surfing and free texts to similar and other networks. My advice? Read what’s included before you purchase.

You may also want to add some balance on your SIM card once you have purchased it to make sure that you will have enough load to send messages, create calls, and surf the Internet. The lowest denomination to load your SIM would be 15 PHP, but it is preferred to load at least 100 PHP. This way you can text and call anyone, anywhere.


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