Travel guide to Bantayan Island on motorbike

 Trip to Bantayan Island

 Traveling from Cebu to Bantayan Island is such a beautiful trip. I rented a motorbike from Cebu city though book2wheel , Skygo Rajah 125cc, filled the tank and hit the road for a long drive. I set off on the holiday, 25-03-2016 (Holy week holiday). The road was clear with no traffic. 80km of smooth drive, and arrived at Hagyan port. However, I had one stop in Consolation and had Jollibee (a local fast food) for lunch. I had enough food for 100 Php. The whole travel took me an estimated time of 3 hrs to reach the port.

Road trip to bantayan

Was it a good idea to bring the motorbike with me on to Bantayan island?


To be honest, I would say it was a bad choice that I brought the motorbike with me from Haguan to Bantayan. I paid 680 PHP each way including the terminal fee and port fee. Since I just stayed there for one night, and most of the time I spent on the beach, I would say it would be a great idea to park the motorbike on the port and just go to the island. Ticket would only cost between 140 to 180 PHP, student discount applies, just bring your ID with you.



How to find a place to stay in Banatayan Island?


I would say, that it is best to book online before you arrive as it is hard to find places in the peak season.Walking around and looking for a place to stay is time consuming and difficult. In my case, I did not book and ended up staying on the beach.


Bring your own tent. And you can rent a place to put your tent for 250 PHP.

It is free to put your tent on the beach. Drinks and food have high prices during holy week. A beer costs 90 PHP.

Bantayan has the best and beautiful beach. There is one beach which is close to the port. This side of the beach is quiet and relaxing if you are not after party. Resort prices are cheap compared to Sta Fe beach front.


How to travel on the island.

You can ride a tricycle, and it is easy to go around. Or you can rent a motorcycle on the island. If you wish to travel around the island, it is good choice to rent a motorbike. Make sure you have a map of the island.

Bantayan island 1

Most important thing to note.

Bring cash with you. It is a small island and it is hard to get money from  ATM. There are a few ATMs on Bantayan, but do not count on it.

Picture of the island 


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