Climbing Mt. Maculot

If you love thrilling and relaxing mountain-hiking adventures, then Mt. Maculot is the right mountain for you! Combining its suspenseful trails with its soul-cleansing view from the top overlooking the Taal Lake and Taal Volcano, Mt. Maculot will surely awaken and excite the inner adventurer in you!
Mt Maculot

Mt. Maculot is the major tourist attraction in the town of Cuenca, Batangas with an elevation of 947 meters. There are three destinations which you can choose from, depending on your hiking ability: the Rockies, the Summit, and the Grotto. For this matter, whether you are a beginner, average, or expert, you will absolutely find this mountain your best match. In our case, we only took the easiest which is up to the Rockies, since we’re only beginners.

Hiring your tour guide is mandatory in Mt. Maculot, but don’t worry because they’re all experts, plus they’re nice and friendly! If you’re a beginner, you could also buy a wooden staff worth 10 pesos. This would definitely come in handy once you encounter the rocky and slippery trail.


There are fourteen stop-over sites from the foot of the mountain up to the campsite so you could rest and recharge for a while. One of the most challenging parts of the trail is the slippery ground. We had to pull ourselves with the rope so we could get to the safer ground.


We took a longer rest and ate our lunch at the campsite. If you worry that your packed-up food won’t suffice, worry not! There is a so-called 7-11 food store right at the campsite. 

From the campsite, the travel time to the Rockies is only fifteen minutes. Just as its name suggests, you’ll have to climb up boulders to reach the top. And after all the exhausting and life-threatening experiences down the trail, there you’ll see the picturesque view of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano! Our travel time of three to four hours just to get to the Rockies was worth it!  


If you are a daredevil, average, or an expert, you can go all the way up to the summit and the grotto, but of course that would cost more. Here is the complete pricelist for every destination:


Now if you are anxious about how smelly and mudded you would get after the mountain-trekking, there are shower rooms ready for mountaineers, but again that would be another fee.

So if you’re yearning for a back-to-nature adventure, just mark your best date on the calendar, invite your friends and family, pack your stuff, and come to Cuenca, Batangas for some marvelous and memorable experiences at Mt. Maculot!

How to get there and how much should I bring?

Fret not, it’s easy to visit Mt. Maculot and with 1000 pesos in your pocket, you’ll be more than fine! 🙂

  • Start your trip by riding a bus at JAM Liner in EDSA, Cubao: 155 pesos
  • Tricycle ride from Wet Market of Cuenca, Batangas to start of trail: 20 pesos per head
  • Tour Guide (Mandatory): 500 pesos for 5 persons up to Rockies only
  • Buko Juice: 10 pesos
  • Shower: 30 pesos per head
  • Tricycle ride from start of trail to highway: 20 pesos per head
  • Jeepney to SM Lipa: 25 pesos
  • Bus from SM Lipa to EDSA, Cubao: 132 pesos

Tip: Bring enough water, as water on top of the mountain costs twice the regular price.

Content written by Stephanie Ann. Edited by Quneey.


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