Catanauan Cove, a paradise in the South

People nowadays look for a place to relax, and a time to forget about the stress and noise in the city.

In Catanauan lies a 12-hectare private beach resort that accommodates guests and tourists by providing them a world-class service that no one could ever forget. As what their caretaker told me, there are currently 20 cottages available for use and are planning to build Condotels -investors are welcome. There are also 2 swimming pools, and of course a beach. However, you should wear necessary swimming attire when using their pools.

Infinity pool close to the entrance.
Infinity pool close to the entrance.
Another pool where you can swim and relax.
Another pool where you can swim and relax.
Beach in Catanauan Cove.
Beach in Catanauan Cove.

Since this is a private beach resort, expect that this place never gets over-crowded which is perfect especially if you want a total “getaway”. For just 3,150 pesos, you can stay in their beach resort for 3 days and 2 nights (different rate may apply during weekends). Included in their package are the following:

  • Dinner on your 1st day
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on your 2nd day
  • Breakfast on your 3rd day
  • 15-min ATV
  • 30-min Kayaking
  • 15-min Horseback riding
  • 30-min massage
  • Unlimited use of their volleyball and basketball facilities

There are also other activities, but are excluded to the package:

  • Jetski
  • Banana boat
  • Island hopping – 500 per hour

For more information and for reservations, please visit their website:, and send them an email.


Going to Catanauan Cove:

If you have your own vehicle to use, you can reach Catanauan Cove for no more than 6 – 7 hours. For commuters:

  • Go to JAC, JAM, or Lucena Lines in Edsa. Tell the conductor to drop you off at Lucena Grand Terminal.

          Fare: 218 pesos

          Travel time: 5-7 hours

  • Once you’re at Lucena Grand Terminal, you can either choose to eat first in Jollibee, Chowking, or “carinderias” or go straight to the van terminal going to Catanauan. Inform the driver to drop you off in San Isidro as you are heading to Catanauan Cove.

          Fare: 180 pesos

          Travel time: 2 – 2 and a half hours

  • In San Isidro, you’ll see a Tricycle terminal. Tell the driver to take you to Catanauan Cove.

Fare: 80 pesos

          Travel time: 30 – 40 minutes


Going back to Manila:

  1. Receptionists at Catanauan Cove have their own contact of tricycle drivers. Request one and a tricycle driver will pick you up. You can either ask the driver to take you to the van terminal which heads to Lucena Grand Terminal or to main highway where you wait for a Bus that goes to Cubao or Lucena Grand Terminal. If you plan to take an ordinary bus, which we did, fare is 85 pesos. Travel time is 2 hours.
  2. Once you’re at Lucena Grand Terminal, you can ride on a bus going to Cubao. Same fare amount which is 218 pesos. However, you should take note that travel time is 5 – 7 hours. Make sure that you do not arrive in Manila during rush hour because you’ll be stuck in traffic.
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  1. Celine


    Your blog is very helpful!!! My family is planning to spend our mom’s birthday here in November.

    Regarding the tricycle fare from San Isidro to Catanauan Cove, is it 80/head or for the whole tricycle?

    Would greatly appreciate clarification on this. 🙂

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