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Book2wheel is a startup for sharing bike, motorcycle, and cargo bicycle. In this post you can see set by step how to upload your cargo bicycle on website.

Before you upload your cargo bike on book2wheel we advise you to install tracker, You can find tracker here which also cover theft (Click here )

Step 1: Visit and click on the list your motorbike /car

How to rent out vehicle using book2wheel

Step 2: Fill out your details and make a login

You can make an account using Email, Phone number, or Facebook

Step 3: Select the type of Vehicle and click the next button at the bottom of the page

Step 4: Upload an actual picture of your vehicle, Do not upload pictures from the internet

Write the details of insurance, what type of insurance you have for the vehicle, and what will cover the cost of damage on the cargobike. Set up your terms, for example, ID, and cash refundable deposit. 

Step 5: Enter the price. You can select your currency

Step 6: Enter your location where the borrower will pick up the bike

Step 7: Final step read all the terms and click on upload

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